Nothing As An Unsinkable Ship

Life is marked by change, both turbulent and placid, but change nonetheless. But this change may not always be associated with something that pleases the one who undergoes it, rather, it may leave behind a void of loss that can be incredibly painful to bear. However, even in the face of such change that could constitute loss and suffering, there is a silver lining. The way of the world teaches one to learn to live with this loss and ultimately grow. This poem is an attempt to encapsulate these thoughts, in rhythm.

How strange is it

That the promises meant to be kept forever

Are those that are broken most often

And all that is left are remnants of its pieces, scattered as piercing shards.

The strongest ropes tear

The unsinkable ships sink

The healthiest hearts fail 

And the brightest stars lose their lustre.

It dawns upon us that every beginning,

Has its end determined before its life

And though the inevitability of it is universally acknowledged,

Yet the preceding void leaves us crushed and distraught.

Every story may not have a prologue that gives it an epilogue,

It may just have chapter one and chapter end

It may not stretch beyond its conclusion to a happy ending,

But that ache of a fairytale ending can still be overcome.

To bear this weight is the only remedy

To accept the tearing rope and the sinking ship,

To accept the anatomical surrender and losing shine,

Is the only way to piece the piercing shards together.

Published by Lukshita

Using my words to express the feelings of the world...

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