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The borders may be sealed, doors and windows shut; but unlocked are our nostalgic hearts, beating together and remembering our brothers and citizens afar.”

The year 2020 was meant to be a fresh milestone which would bring happiness, prosperity and new opportunities for all and start the new decade on a positive note. However, it goes without saying that this year was the harbinger of quite the opposite picture of whatever hopes and expectations we all had during 2019.

We have witnessed so much during this year, Kobe Bryant and his daughter’s tragic accident, George Floyd’s controversial death which led to the aggressive promotion of Black Lives Matter movement, the death of Bollywood superstar Sushant Singh Rajput and exposure of the infamous drug scandal in the industry, Beirut explosion, Australia bushfire, locust attacks and most infamously- the Coronavirus Pandemic, surrounded by dark clouds of death, illness, falling economies, increasing unemployment and a diamond’s worth of conspiracy theories.

Though no action of ours can mend the gigantic landslide of trauma 2020 has thrown on us, finding clarity in entropy is definitely possible. This year, the only piece of advice which seems to be working for a fair few is definitely ‘count your blessing’, no matter how corny it sounds.

Thus, to bind the world citizens with a string of relatable incidents, self-discoveries, moping teenagers and cancelled vacations, Teen Tidings has taken its first-ever mega initiative of publishing a book with accounts of youth from all around the world, Globe Trotting in Confinement.

May we kick out 2020 with the immense strength that empathy provides us with and may all of us be motivated and encouraged to stay strong and sail through these turbulent waters unscathed.


Life of a Leaf

19 January, 2021

Lightly dancing on the edges of branches as stealthily as a thief,

and enjoys its life to the fullest as if it knows its life is brief.

A leaf’s life is short indeed,

attached to the branches to live more as in greed.

But spreads happiness all around,

with its colours and fragrance until it touches the ground.

Even after it falls down, children make its note,

out of fascination make its whistle, furrow and boat.

Then as new as a day,

now as old as a hill.

Came from heaven for a good cause to do,

went to heaven after doing good too.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Author- Niharika Singh

About the Author

I am Niharika Singh from class 12, Carmel Convent School. I’ve been a nature lover since childhood and I like to know more about my environmental surroundings and feel like writing and reading about it too. It’s my very first attempt to write something after coming out of my comfort zone so I hope you’ll like my work.


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Lost Humanity

18 January, 2021

Lost Humanity

Humanity, you are the intricate

compassion of life

But opposite to your nature, you are

hiding behind the mist

Saying everything will be just fine.

Lives lost due to your loss are infinite

But we still hope for a future bright.

All people have lost hope

And I don’t know how we will ever be

able to cope.

Our world has become so crooked

That love and honesty have been


People are full of anger

Because life has lost its canter.

But any longer I will not groan

Because I know you will return with a

new dawn.

Bringing back the cheerfulness that we

once had but lost

For which, our morals were the cost.

And you shall be present then

Filling us up with joy, for you would have

come out of your dark den.


Author- Arushi Jain

About the Author

Hi. I am Arushi Jain. I am 17 years old. Currently, I am pursuing BSc Bioinformatics Hons from GGDSD College, Chandigarh. I love technology. I am a huge fan. Along with that, I like to write, be it in the form of blogs, essays, stories or others. I also love reading books and my favourite genre in the same is sci-fi. I write to let my thoughts out and to unburden myself. I hope you like one of my self-composed poems, Lost Humanity.


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The Power of Books

16 January, 2021

“Books are a proof that humans can create magic”


Since childhood we have been hearing that books are our best friends, and honestly, I feel this is totally true. This is because unlike humans, books are not disloyal, backstabbers or toxic. Also, books boost our creative side. They fuel our imagination. We theorise where our favourite characters might be staying what they might be doing and just like that we are whisked away to the lives of our those characters. Answer this question- if you are a fan, do you not want to visit Hogwarts or Camp Half-Blood or maybe try to find Narnia in your wardrobe? Well, I’m sure that’s not the case.

I will not call myself a hardcore bookworm but I will definitely say that all the books that I have read till date have become a very important part of my life and sometimes I even think of authoring one of these pieces of art myself! Therefore, the main reason I picked up this topic to write on is because I have heard from many people how boring it is to read. However, as I said earlier, books are pieces of magic and magic can be only be created if we use the correct incantations, in other words, good books.

So, I hope I have given you enough reasons to read books so that you can imagine, travel, enjoy and get lost in their world.

(Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com)


Author- Deeksha Nayyar

About the Author

Hi! My is Deeksha Nayyar. I’m a 6th grader studying in Carmel Convent School, Chandigarh. I’m 13 years old and my hobbies are reading, writing and dancing. I have collaborated with Teen Tidings in the past in the form of Globe Trotting in Confinement, their maiden book, wherein I was a contributor. I am fortunate enough to share my views through this platform once again.


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My Wandering Bottle

By- Pahul Singh

Today my bottle went on an unexpected excursion, 

A great adventure across the vast classroom floor. 

But I was detained by the fact that my art file was getting checked,

And when the four minutes of continuous nail-biting ended, I first looked out the door –

Because you never know where that bottle will go.

Careless, it is, and has dents and bumps all over, 

And is always filled with joie de vivre due to its overconfidence,

So I had no doubt, while I was looking for it, that it had rolled off somewhere else for cover.

It took a good ten minutes.

I found it under a class mate’s bench, 

Retrieved it and pushed her over in the process, 

And hopefully it won’t wander off again, else I’ll have to keep it in my bag’s hateful pocket – a fishnet trench.

And I was responsible for the expedition – which I hate to admit,

For I am so clumsy that I kicked it 

Due to the nervousness of showing my horrible work,

But I shan’t apologise to the dented heap of metal,

And instead, from now on, bring for it a wild animal control kit.


Author- Pahul Singh

About the Author:

I am Pahul Singh, studying in class 9 at Carmel Convent School, Chandigarh. In my free time, I like to read thriller and mystery novels, surf the net, and sometimes try my hand at writing humorous poems, one of which is ‘My Wandering Bottle’. One of my greatest joys is to listen to pop and alternative rock. I’m also a passionate gourmand.


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The Stranger with Blue Orbs

14 January, 2021

The Stranger with Blue Orbs

It felt as if the sky cheered for me as I ran away from them. From my very own friends, or maybe enemies now. One night and the tables turned, more like flipped. Tears blurred my vision but I didn’t stop. The heavens roared. Suddenly, I tripped and fell onto my knees. Treacherous sobs invaded my breath. I felt like a loner in the crowd. The only comfort I was getting was from the petrichor. Then suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder and with abrupt movements, I turned my head only to look at someone with electrifying blue eyes, looking right at me. It was bright enough to look at his face. I gulped.

“Hello,” he said. 

With no signs of sympathy or pity in his orbs but fear and anticipation in mine, I wanted to reply but the words never came out. Before I could think of anything, he helped me get up and we sat on the already wet bench.

“Sometimes, we fall. And it hurts. I’m tired of how many times I’ll have to go through this but for some reason, I can’t stop. Hope is the only thing I’ve left with me. It felt like I was the undrunk water, enough to quench the thirst but left to be sunken into the ground. I felt like my existence was like twigs that had been snapped in two. But still, I knew things will get better and will make me a lot stronger. As for now, all I know is that I have to fight back. And I will.” 

The way he talked made it seem like he had it worse than I did and that’s when I realized how little things can make a huge change. We don’t know what people go through yet and we can be mean to them unintentionally. A situation can be handled with much hate, but then again, maybe we are not in love with ourselves to get back up and face our fears. Right then, I felt like I grew wings of a butterfly, ready to fly high. Oh! How the waves try to reach the shore only to be pulled back one more time, but did they ever stop trying? No. People change us. Life changes us. And sometimes, we change ourselves. For better or maybe for the worse. The canvas of blue skies will collide with the peaks someday, everything will come crashing down but giving up is never an option. This five-minute meeting with a stranger lighted up so many things for a moth who could fly high but was afraid to die.

As soon as I looked up to see him again, he wasn’t there. He was gone. It was as if he just vanished! How is this possible? And why did it feel like I lost a part of me I never had? Startled, I got up and roamed around the emptiness to find something-more like someone. I wanted to share my thoughts. I wanted to hear him. We both are enigmas. Yearning for a home we can’t return to. So much was unsaid, so much was unheard. Concluding he was not there, i returned to my thoughts. I guess this is what destiny means then. We meet someone and then we lose them just in a matter of few seconds. The impact is huge nonetheless. We meet people who understand us and maybe they are the ones who’ll leave us heartbroken in the end. Beauty lies in this. Beauty lies in the thunder after every lightning. Beauty lies in us. This isn’t the end. This is just a new beginning. To rise like a Phoenix from its very own ashes. We all need someone to talk to and it’s okay even if it’s a stranger, maybe with blue orbs, maybe someone who had it worse.

After that night, the stars appeared to shine a bit brighter. The moon had scars but it held pride. The cool breeze made me shiver as I walked into the very same park that I met the stranger in. It was dark, but not the lonely dark. It felt peaceful. Like lullabies. As if I had the attention of all the angels today. I smiled as I felt the raindrops on my eyelids. Cold yet warm. In these few months, I realized that I may not have anyone to hug me when I need it but at that very moment, I learn to embrace myself. I can learn to fall in love with myself. Because I am the only constant I have for now and maybe forever too. But god works in mysterious ways. Life almost felt magical. Enchanting. Beautiful.
“Hello” he said. 

I turned around with a shocked smile lacing my face. To put a full stop after that, I want to tell you what happened today, I met the stranger with blue orbs, again.


Author- Anandi Sharma

Author Introduction

I am Anandi Sharma. I am 16 years old and am currently studying in grade 11. I absolutely adore writing and my love for the same has led me to complete courses in content writing.

Here is a short story I wrote a few months back. I am fortunate to receive a platform like Teen Tidings to share it with the world.


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Movie Review-Murder on the Orient Express


Murder on the Orient Express (2017) - IMDb



The film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s arguably most famous and widely-read novel, Murder on the Orient Express, is a 2017 film directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Tom Bateman, Kenneth Branagh, Penélope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench, Johnny Depp, Josh Gad, Derek Jacobi, Leslie Odom Jr., Michelle Pfeiffer and Daisy Ridley in pivotal roles. The plot of the film can be easily explained in one sentence-investigation of the murder of a murderer.

First Impression as a Viewer

The movie is very gripping, right from the very start until the shocking climax in the end. The introduction of characters is extremely creative and interesting as well as descriptive. The acting of the artists is commendable, as it feels like one is watching the real characters of the story come to life. As a person who has seen the movie alone and hasn’t read the book, the storyline was not very difficult to follow or complicated. Rather, the plot was so well displayed that it is one of the best murder mysteries I have ever come across.

Viewer rating

4 Star Rating Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

First Impression as a Critic

The movie starts with the introduction of Hercule Poirot, the detective who features in all of Agatha Christie’s compositions and a character born from her own imagination. His persona is one that is radiated from very few people, because it is his firm belief that the world can only be seen as right or wrong, with nothing in between. Further, we meet the other characters of the story we familiarise ourselves with in a jiffy, because of the great introductions. Overall, even watching this film as a critic did not change my mind about the brilliance of the direction, storyline, visuals and strong performances.

Critic Rating

4 Star Rating Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock


Hercule Poirot is the protagonist of the film. He is a French-speaking Belgian and a detective by profession. It has been mentioned several times in the film that he is an extremely smart, observant and well-mannered man who is considered to be the best detective in the world. His distinct physical feature is his peculiar mustache, which is unique to him alone. Ideology wise, his belief is that the world is one of balance, wherein there can only be black and white or right and wrong. He explains that it is this ability of his that allows him to detect and solve crimes because he can not view the world if it has been placed wrongly on the scales of balance. As the events of the movie unfold and the revelation in the end about the murderers takes place, we understand the reason as to why he takes so much time in the identification of the murderer- because in this case, the murderer does not fit in the definition of his right or wrong and hence he can not see that “crack in the wall” which helps him in solving crimes.

Bouc was a light and humorous character and the owner of the Orient Express. He was the only traveller besides Poirot who was not a suspect for the murder as he was travelling with Poirot in another coach on the night of the murder.

Linda Arden aka Mrs. Hubbard is the mastermind behind the murder on the Orient Express. She is a former performer who bagged a play on the Broadway but the tragic murder of her granddaughter Daisy Armstrong and death of her daughter Sonia Armstrong completely shattered her and ended her acting career. Linda Arden is the stage name she used whilst still performing, however, it is revealed her real last name was Goldenberg. In the movie, she uses the alias of Mrs. Hubbard, an old and flirtatious woman who has been married and divorced several times. However, her real identity-Linda Arden-is broken and vengeful and viewers can not help but sympathise with this woman who has lost her everything and is putting up a facade to execute a crime born from the venom of revenge.

Ratchett aka Cassetti is the antagonist of the film. He is posing as a businessman who sells fakes to rich people throughout the world and is being hunted down by the enemies he formed in this process. However, in a turn of events, it is revealed that Ratchett is in fact Cassetti, a man who had been found guilty in the kidnapping and murder case of an infant-Daisy Armstrong but acquitted because of his wealth and status later. It is Cassetti who is found murdered on the Orient Express and Poirot investigates his death during the course of the film.

MacQueen was the secretary of Ratchett. He was a lawyer by education, not by disposition. His father was also a famous lawyer who was involved in the Armstrong case, and because of governmental pressure, had a big hand in the arrest of an innocent woman, Susanne, in the murder case. Therefore, since his father had been pressured into convicting an innocent woman, he could not bear the huge weight of guilt on his conscience and committed suicide. MacQueen was devastated by this and held Cassetti responsible for the death of his father.

Mary Debenham was a British Governess who taught Geography. She was a smart woman who was also a traveller on the train. In the past, she was the governess of Helena Goldenberg, Sonia Armstrong’s sister. She loved the Armstrong family dearly and was extremely hurt when she received news of Daisy’s murder and Sonia Armstrong’s death.

Colonel Arbuthnot was a coloured man whose wing commander and best friend was Colonel John Armstrong. Armstrong had supported Arbuthnot in joining Medical School as a man of colour and Arbuthnot could never forget all that he had done for him.

Princess Dragomiroff and Hildegarde were a mistress-maid duo. Princess Dragomiroff was Daisy Armstrong’s godmother and a dear friend of Linda Arden. On the other hand, Hildegarde was the former cook of the Armstrong family. The tragedy in the Armstrong household deeply moved both of them.

Pilar Estravados was a Spanish nun who was formerly a nurse to Daisy Armstrong and was on duty the night she was abducted. All her life, Pilar lived in guilt of being intoxicated that night and being helpless and weak in front of Cassetti.

Beddoes was posing as an employee of Ratchett, but in reality, he was another nemesis of Cassetti because he was the former batman and valet of John Armstrong. He was deeply aggrieved after the incident in the Armstrong family because he loved John Armstrong dearly.

Biniamo Marquez was a European man with a shady past who had migrated to America a few years back. He was an automobile dealer and owned three car showrooms despite being a pauper when he initially came to the country. Previously, he was the Armstrongs’ chauffer and was given a loan by John Armstrong because of which he was successful at that time.

Cyrus Hardman was a former Police Officer who posed as a German Professor and private detective. He loved Susanne, the woman who was falsely convicted in the Daisy Armstrong abduction and murder case. After witnessing this absolute humiliation of justice and death of his love, he left the police department and resolved to destroy Cassetti.

Count Andrenyi and Countess Helena Goldberg were a couple on the Orient Express travelling under diplomatic visas. After Poirot interrogates them, we learn that the Countess is in fact Sonia Armstrong’s sister and Daisy Armstrong’s aunt. She has lost her family at the hands of Cassetti and is one of the deepest hurt murderers of Cassetti. Count Andrenyi is Helena’s husband, a powerful man and an exceptional dancer. He loved Helena dearly and felt equal pain and anger as his wife for Cassetti.

Therefore, it was a planned crime executed by all passengers of the Orient Express to avenge the murder of little Daisy Armstrong, and as Pilar said- they killed the murderer of their dear Daisy because justice, “Lies buried. With Daisy,”

(Picture credits- IMDb, Shutterstock)

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Globe Trotting in Confinement RELEASED!

Click on the above link to read the book by our awesome contributors!

The book titled ‘Globe Trotting in Confinement’ is a unique venture in itself because it is a collaboration of 17 teenagers from all over the globe including India, New Zealand, Ghana, Canada and Spain, wherein they have shared their experiences during this pandemic. The book is the maiden publication of a recently launched website namely ‘Teen Tidings’ (teentidings.com). This E-Book is conceived and edited by the founder and administrator of Teen Tidings, Lukshita Nayyar, a 10th class student of Carmel Convent School. The book was released by Dr Neeza Singh, librarian of T.S Central State library, Chandigarh through online platform on 12th December. Teen Tidings provides not only an online platform to budding writers to express their views and access to rich original literary content but also gives important insights into the nuances of effective reading, writing and public speaking skills. With in a short span of time after its launch, Teen Tidings got recognized at international level as one of the globally-recognised South Africa based organisation namely ‘Future Females’ promoting female entrepreneurs approached Teen Tidings for its content sharing. The book includes articles of teenagers with contrasting personalities, reflecting their positive experiences of the lockdown. In a nutshell, this venture of Teen Tidings proved to be a string which binds teenagers from all over the world through words in this prevailing pandemic. The book release was held in virtual mode. During the event, the eminent teachers of Carmel Convent school also participated as guests of honour along with the contributors. The dignitaries complimented and congratulated Lukshita and Teen Tidings family for this achievement. Some contributing writers i.e, Deeksha Nayyar, Harkriti Singh, Nidhi Sharma and Mehak Gawri also shared their experiences about the book and expressed their happiness for such an opportunity. Overall the event turned out to be a success.

Fight For What is Right

Our world is a beautiful place which houses social, cultural, physical and emotional diversity. This diversity is so vast that it includes drastic variations even in the basic virtuous make-up of individuals all over the world. The plethora of these humane emotions like love, honesty, care for others, humility, etc. are the ideal foundation of a world where humans are imagined as artists and these virtues as their paints and brushes to paint a society which is built by the sharing of these values. This ideal society is the magnum opus of the life of these artists as there is no greater artwork than one painted with unity and togetherness to bring about the humane side of humans. Unfortunately, rather than this fact turning out to be the equivalent of a magnum opus for humanity by the sharing of humanitarian values, it is rather unfolding as the source of a vile and inhumane mob mentality which is slowly eating-up the humane side of humans. This practice mirrors one of the most famously narrated quote throughout the world- one rotten apple spoils the entire healthy basket. Similarly, the societal pressure is so great that no matter how right a person is, one gradually succumbs to these demons walking on earth and even if their quantity is less, they spoil all the good humans by acting as that one rotten apple.

However, when we talk about the darkness of the disappointing reality, we must not ignore the ray of reassurance, however feeble, that comes with it. This means that even though there are rotten apples that concentrate on spoiling entire baskets, there are courageous, attentive, aware and fundamentally right humans who take that one important step and cast away the rotten apples from the baskets and save dozens of healthy others. These type of people are inspiration to other people as well and eventually people like these unite to eliminate rotten apples from the baskets personifying our civilisations.

With this theme in mind, here is a poem that I have composed as a salute to the vibranium-like strength that these messiahs of humanity possess in the hope that many other people will be motivated to see themselves in the same position and make our society a positive place for all dwellers.

Fight For What is Right

I wake-up everyday and make a promise,

A promise I promise to obey,

And not one day passed when I broke this,

Because this promise I make to myself with courage.

I say it out loud regularly,

Never letting it make a feeble sound within,

And it is never suppressed even if it is expressed defiantly,

Even if the world calls it a sin.

Yes, yes I call myself brave,

A soldier, a warrior and a fighter,

And it is myself whom I save,

From this brutal slaughter.

I fight, fight against these demons of hell,

Guised as humans hate they spread,

And urge you to drink from the same poisoned well,

Force you to earn a dishonest bread.

But I no longer fear,

I protect myself from these murderers of humanity,

And it no more haunts me that I am someone they may tear,

Because I have sustained my sanity.

I said not long back,

I had made myself a promise because of this horrendous plight,

And this reality made me crack,

And forced me to promise myself to FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT.

I hope this poem made you think about the toxic variables around you or within you and motivated you to make a promise to yourself as well to be fearless and fight for what is right.

Do share your experiences, resolutions or feedback regarding this topic in the comments section below!

Autumn Wind

An autumn wind blew through her hair,

Vanquishing all stillness within, layer by layer,

And for a moment her soul which she forcibly concealed was bare,

When the autumn wind blew through her hair.


Keeping up with the spirit of short poetry is yet another metaphorical piece, ‘Autumn Wind’, the interpretation of which is completely subjective and different in the eyes of different individuals.

If you have some views on your own on this particular poem or short poetry in general, don’t forget to share them in the comments section below!

Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com