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The borders may be sealed, doors and windows shut; but unlocked are our nostalgic hearts, beating together and remembering our brothers and citizens afar.”

The year 2020 was meant to be a fresh milestone which would bring happiness, prosperity and new opportunities for all and start the new decade on a positive note. However, it goes without saying that this year was the harbinger of quite the opposite picture of whatever hopes and expectations we all had during 2019.

We have witnessed so much during this year, Kobe Bryant and his daughter’s tragic accident, George Floyd’s controversial death which led to the aggressive promotion of Black Lives Matter movement, the death of Bollywood superstar Sushant Singh Rajput and exposure of the infamous drug scandal in the industry, Beirut explosion, Australia bushfire, locust attacks and most infamously- the Coronavirus Pandemic, surrounded by dark clouds of death, illness, falling economies, increasing unemployment and a diamond’s worth of conspiracy theories.

Though no action of ours can mend the gigantic landslide of trauma 2020 has thrown on us, finding clarity in entropy is definitely possible. This year, the only piece of advice which seems to be working for a fair few is definitely ‘count your blessing’, no matter how corny it sounds.

Thus, to bind the world citizens with a string of relatable incidents, self-discoveries, moping teenagers and cancelled vacations, Teen Tidings has taken its first-ever mega initiative of publishing a book with accounts of youth from all around the world, Globe Trotting in Confinement.

May we kick out 2020 with the immense strength that empathy provides us with and may all of us be motivated and encouraged to stay strong and sail through these turbulent waters unscathed.


I Am

My eyes see
A warrior as I stand before a mirror
I am locked inside
But my raging mind is not, and will never be.

I am strong
I am mighty
Yes a disease waits to prey on me
But it doesn’t realise that my strength is the real predator.

I am confident
And I am hopeful
And even though times are uncertain
My belief of my capabilities is not.

Poem Published in Renowned Newsletter

We have all seen numerous situations, faced unbelievable challenges and overcome several hurdles during the course of the Corona Virus pandemic. The major part of this period were lockdowns, meant for us to stay at home and try to control the spread of this virus. However, these lockdowns have not been easy on any of us. Believe it or not, both introverts and extroverts have had their lows during these lockdowns. Apart from them, another section of people who have bore the brunt of isolation are our senior citizens and aged people. With limited contact and communication with younger members of their family, it has been tough on them as their support and sources of joy and happiness have been distanced from them for prolonged periods of time. This situation was similar in my maternal grandmother, my nani’s case. My nani is a beautiful person who loves her family and places it on the first spot of priorities of her life. She is also a patient of rheumatoid arthritis since 1998. Thus, for her, this lockdown meant that her children and grandchildren could not meet her periodically and the joy she felt on meeting them that distracted her from her pain was halted suddenly.

Keeping my nani in mind, I had composed a poem from her perspective based on her experiences of the lockdown as an RA patient. This poem had a special mention of Dr. Aman Sharma, my nani’s doctor and guardian angel, who has saved my nani’s life on numerous occasions. I was humbled when this poem of mine was selected to be published in the renowned Indian Rheumatology Association’s(IRA) newsletter. I would love to share the same with you all through my blog. To read the poem, please click on the link provided below.


Summarising the Most Shocking Revelations About the #OprahMeghanHarry Interview

Well, 2020 was so wild that 2021 can’t stand to be considered anything less than its predecessor. With the year already bearing witness to the Capitol violence, Trump’s social media accounts being banned, Elon Musk overtaking Jeff Bezos as the richest man of the world, and the most talked about occurrence- Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, it’s been a long ride. In this post, we are going to talk about one of the world’s most talked about couple and the revelations they made in their interview with Oprah Winfrey.

1. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially stepped back from their royal duties, given up their HRH status, public funds that come from royal duties and have decided to divide their time between North America and UK.

2. They have revealed in the interview that Meghan was in a very fragile spot mentally, to the extent that she starting having suicidal tendencies.

3. The couple claimed that an unnamed member of the royal family taunted baby Archie with racist comments about “how dark his skin will be” and how he won’t be given any royal status because of the same.

4. The couple also claimed that they had been financially abandoned and Prince Harry had to use the inheritance left by his mother to survive.

5. The couple also revealed that they are expecting a baby girl.

6. Prince Harry claimed that he could see “history being repeated” in the form of the events taking place with Meghan with reference to his mother Diana.

7. The couple also revealed that they had gotten married in a private ceremony three days prior to the public affair in a small backyard. They also said that the vows they took in the private ceremony were framed and hung in their home.

8. Meghan also revealed that Kate Middleton made her cry before the wedding, but they reconciled soon after understanding the immense pressure a royal wedding brings along.

Well, there you go folks. A summary of the major claims and revelations by Prince Harry and Meghan. This was also followed by statements and further controversies courtesy celebrities(Serena Williams, Meena Harris, Chrissy Teigen’s statements among others’ and the Piers Morgan scandal). What’s in store for the couple in the future is unknown and irrelevant. But, something that is clear is that clearly even the most loved, respected and rich can be so deeply shaken up by bitter experiences that their lives become vulnerable in superlative. Therefore, it is our duty as humans to retain our humanity and help anyone and everyone who is mentally or physically unfit. This can be done in whatever way the concerned person wants to be helped, either by staying silent and giving them privacy or by trying to calm them with consoling and motivating words. To conclude, controversies are trending for only a week or two, but the agenda of mental health, racism and humanity are their to stay. Thus, if these news can enlighten people about the permanent agendas of the world, then even a week or two are enough for the world to change.

Photo credit- CNN News

Limitless Woman

A woman is an unstoppable force who has stood victorious against the toxicities of society, time and stereotypes. She is a goddess radiating adaptability, love, sisterhood and power. On the eve of International Women’s Day 2021, here is a poetic tribute to all the women who have stood strong under any and every circumstance and fought their own wars valiantly, no matter the outcome.

Ever since the start of time,
She has stood strong on her mighty morals and principles.
Her eyes gleam with her flame,
Burning all obstacles, stereotypes and stigma she faces along the way.
She paints a picture,
Filled with colours of a fateful, progressive and indiscriminating world.
She works hard,
In the home, workplace and people’s mindsets to modernise their orthodox thoughts.
She performs multiple roles,
Daughter, sister, wife, mother, teacher and foundation of the economy.
She stands tall,
Fighting like a raging wave against any adversity.
She is beauty,
She is strength,
She is power,
She is the future.
A woman, our world’s limitless warrior.

Once again, a very Happy Women’s Day to all the limitless women who soar high in the sky every single day!

Time for Change

Schools all over the world are realising the importance of mental health of their students and are prioritising it by placing it on a pedestal that deems it as important as physical health. In India alone, statistics have shown that 1 out of 5 children and unhealthy mentally and suffer from many psychological disorders and complexes. Since schools are the sites of a child’s foundation building, both intellectually and physically, teachers of today can contribute a great deal towards the well-being of their students, especially mentally. Keeping in mind the role of teachers in improving their students’ mental health, here is a short, self composed poem aimed towards awakening the society and urging them to accept the actual existence and urgency of mental disorders and diseases in young children.

Time for Change

I ask for no utopia,
Nor do I ask for idealism,
And a perfect land of unending harmony,
No, I even refrain to demand that ecstasy.

But I ask for a change,
In the temples of education,
Foundations of the future,
To expand their role from just places of academic nature.

I ask them to wake up,
Recognise mental health as the need of the hour,
Realise that 1 in 5 high school students are unhealthy mentally,
And need education-not academic, but psychological-to be healthy again completely.

Observe, understand, raise awareness,
Help your students rise from depression, anxiety and other disorders,
Pioneer a society where these issues are not labelled “just a phase”,
So that our country can proudly boast its remarkable education,
Accompanied with great mental health and earn global praise.

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My life was so peaceful before…. the incident. Sitting undisturbed in my room, lying down whenever my body turned sore from work, washing myself twice a day and travelling to new places every day to explore sceneries and meet new characters. I lived a simple life. No different from all my friends, family, neighbors or the strangers I met on a daily basis. But somehow, the comfort I found in the monotony of my life was casted an evil eye upon, and suddenly, everything I found solace in was snatched away from me and I was pushed into a situation which broke me from inside.

That day, no different from any other day, I woke-up as usual and cleaned myself with soap and water. Soon, I could hear the hustle-bustle in my house and neighborhood as well, meaning our town had woken-up to face yet another day. As soon as I washed and cleaned myself, I went to the station and waited for a taxi there to take me to work. The station was empty, meaning that I was the only passenger at that point of time. Soon enough, I saw a vehicle approaching and stood up from the bench I was previously sitting on. The vehicle came closer and closer, and soon, I figured out that the approaching vehicle was, in fact, no taxi. It was rather, a rough-looking car, that had been covered with a thin, peach colored material. I sat back down, realizing I had to wait for my taxi. But on the way, I stopped in my tracks, with my mind frozen, eyes mitigated and legs shaking. The car had stopped right in front of me and two men came out of it, charging towards me rapidly. One of them was short and plump, while the other was relatively taller and lean. They were running towards me at such a fast pace that I did not get any time to react or understand by the time they reached me. The short man grabbed my legs, the tall man covered my mouth with a cloth and held my head, and suddenly, both of them were carrying me to the trunk of their car. I had been abducted.

With my mind racing and thoughts clashing, I made several failed attempts to shout, bang on the trunk door or open the lock on the trunk. But nothing was working. I tried to think back to my life, had I hurt someone? Cheated someone? Been evil to someone? Or did my family commit some crime for which I had to pay? What if I had been kidnapped by a serial killer? What if I am being carried away to my demise? Thousands of questions with either uncertain or disturbing answers filled my mind.

After what felt like an eternity, the car stopped. The trunk was opened by the same two men and I was again lifted up, being carried to some unfamiliar place. After about 3 minutes of walking, we reached a structure that looked like a well which was very deep and dark. As I approached the opening of the well and got a clear look at it, my jaw dropped. There was another, another one like me, stuck in the well. Its legs, abdomen and neck were completely submerged in the fluid that filled the well and its eyes were lifeless, as if they knew that this was the only sight they could see thereafter. I was panicking. One look at it made me know that I would face the same fate. I struggled, tried to escape from the kidnappers. Mad men! Throwing us into the well of death! And why? Because they were psychopaths?!

Before I could try to make my escape or form any plan in my mind, I was thrown into the well, plummeting into a place that I was certain would kill me. After what felt like hours of falling, my feet touched a thick, sticky liquid. I could feel my legs touching other things in the well, that felt the same way, except that they were in solid form. I kept slipping within the fluid, waiting to reach the bed and drown, so that I could end the disgusting feeling and rest in peace. Pictures of my life, family, favorite places and friends flashed before my eyes as I waited for the soul to be sucked out of my body and life to be sucked out from my eyes.

But suddenly, the sinking stopped. Yes, I was still in the fluid, yes, I could still feel those solid things around me and yes, I still felt like I was drowning. But there was no bottom of the well! I was drowning in what felt like a black abyss, unable to live, unable to die.

Since that day, several men have passed the well, saw me and my friend stuck, but never helped us out. Even I have started to feel that my eyes are turning lifeless, with no hope of seeing the sun rise again, neighborhood coming to life again, feeling the water fall down my body again or see actual beautiful and new places ever again. No, this hope vanished as soon as I realized that I am yet another unfortunate spoon stuck in the pickle jar, with no one willing to take me out and put me in the dishwasher but rather keep me stuck in the abyss of the pickle juice.

Photo by Raphael Brasileiro on Pexels.com

Running Out

The sand in the clock on the table- it’s running out

The flour we use at home- it’s running out

The water under the ground after continuous extraction- it’s running out

The love in the relationship of a young, immature couple- it’s running out

And our patience after these unprecedented times- it’s running out.

This world is of impermanence, of bodies of earth that will be a part of their origin again, of time- a human construct that keeps ticking, but hope, hope my loves- it’s never running out.

This fine line between the things that are bound to run out and hope is balanced because hope can conquer all elements in the running out side.

If Noah didn’t have the hope and passion to fulfil God’s will, the Noah’s arc would not be etched in history,

If the Jews didn’t have hope of seeing their homes, families or freedoms ever again, the survivors of the Holocaust would not exist today,

And if we didn’t have hope during these times of the pandemic, then the world could have perished easily and we could just watch in dismay.

Now we know things will run out, whether they’re time, food, water, air or patience, but the sole warrior sustaining us and giving us the comfort of one permanent thing is hope- it’s not running out.

Letter to My Unborn Daughter

Hi honey!

Today, I thought I’d write a letter to you because I want to talk to you about how life is going to be to you in the future. You are very young, probably about to enter your teen years soon. The next few years will teach you a million of lessons. The country you are born in is one of the best countries in the world but the society and the people like any other place, may prove to be slightly conservative or discriminatory towards you, for miscellaneous reasons. But we, your parents, promise you that we will always stand by you and support all your decisions in life.

Saying this, we must also warn you that world is going to knock you, hard, and push you back. You’ll make new friends and lose many of them. At some point you’ll think that no one has got your back and you are all alone. And before any of that happens, I urge you that no matter how hard you are knocked out , you will get up and fight back. This world is full of bad people , you will make a friend today and there’s a chance that you lose a friend the same day, a friend who has been very close to you all these years but suddenly changes into a complete stranger. But at that point only the most difficult part comes because you alone can and will have to defeat your feeling of loneliness and rise from the hurt you are suffering from yourself. You will learn from your mistakes you will mature over time.

In the end. I would like to tell you that your papa is a worrier and your mama is a warrior , and you are a little girl who has never learned to stop fighting!

Photo by Emma Bauso on Pexels.com


Author- Anirudh Palta

About the Author

Hi! I’m Anirudh of grade 11 from Sacred Heart Convent School in Ludhiana. My hobbies are playing football and writing. I am an amateur writer and thank Teen Tidings for providing me this platform to share my thoughts with the world.


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Do Exam Results Alone Determine a Child’s Mental Worth?

This is a very seminal question which begs for a definite answer. These days, those children who excel in exams are eulogized instantly and are catapulted to a cult status overnight. Overzealous media projects their lives as ideal worth emulation by all. On the other hand, those who could not perform well at the exams due to one reason or the other are subjected to rejection and ridicule. They are instantly presumed as having no worth at all. To say the least, this is so unfair and unjust.

In my view, exam results are not a fool proof means of measuring a child’s worth. They are just indicators of his/her performance in an exam based on certain marking criteria. Good grades in an exam can be obtained by selective study also. The classroom is at times too small a place to judge a student’s worth.

Several extraneous factors such as college support, class, medical issues, friends, upbringing and family circumstances also impact a child’s performance in an exam. Some may be good at arts but poor in maths. It just means their mind works differently. This is also amply proved by the examples of great geniuses who performed so poorly in exams. They were great minds whose inventions and discoveries changed the course of human history. Some of these geniuses were Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison and many more.

Hence, I genuinely believe that a child’s worth can’t be determined on the basis his exam results alone.


Author- Manya Mudgil

About the Author

My name is Manya Mudgil. I am a student of 9th grade of Carmel Convent School, Chandigarh. I have an immense interest in article and letter writing, reading books and public speaking. It is my great fortune that I have got the opportunity to present my ideas through Teen Tidings.


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