Announcement Regarding Book

The borders may be sealed, doors and windows shut; but unlocked are our nostalgic hearts, beating together and remembering our brothers and citizens afar.”

The year 2020 was meant to be a fresh milestone which would bring happiness, prosperity and new opportunities for all and start the new decade on a positive note. However, it goes without saying that this year was the harbinger of quite the opposite picture of whatever hopes and expectations we all had during 2019.

We have witnessed so much during this year, Kobe Bryant and his daughter’s tragic accident, George Floyd’s controversial death which led to the aggressive promotion of Black Lives Matter movement, the death of Bollywood superstar Sushant Singh Rajput and exposure of the infamous drug scandal in the industry, Beirut explosion, Australia bushfire, locust attacks and most infamously- the Coronavirus Pandemic, surrounded by dark clouds of death, illness, falling economies, increasing unemployment and a diamond’s worth of conspiracy theories.

Though no action of ours can mend the gigantic landslide of trauma 2020 has thrown on us, finding clarity in entropy is definitely possible. This year, the only piece of advice which seems to be working for a fair few is definitely ‘count your blessing’, no matter how corny it sounds.

Thus, to bind the world citizens with a string of relatable incidents, self-discoveries, moping teenagers and cancelled vacations, Teen Tidings has taken its first-ever mega initiative of publishing a book with accounts of youth from all around the world, Globe Trotting in Confinement.

May we kick out 2020 with the immense strength that empathy provides us with and may all of us be motivated and encouraged to stay strong and sail through these turbulent waters unscathed.


Rainy Days- The Best Days


Hello lovely readers! I am back after a break with some new content for you all! Hope you all have been well!

The whole month of August in India is the highlight of monsoon, as the whole month is categorized under this season which is in contrast to the latter days of July and early days of September. Being an August-born myself, that too on an occasion when the heavens threw open their floodgates to commemorate my arrival, rain and rainy days hold a special place in my heart. I always wanted to put these thoughts into words and could finally do it thanks to a speaking assignment at school. I hope you all enjoy this short piece about why, according to me, rainy days are the best days.


Tiny droplets hit the thirsty earth,
Putting diamonds to shame with the purity of their shine,
Each crack and crevice is penetrated to give birth,
To the little saplings and plants that preserve our lives’ line.

There is a different kind of beauty that the earth proudly shows off on a rainy day. The comforting dark spell that the clouds bring along is in stark contrast to the normal adjectives associated with the dark which are often unpleasant. However, there is a homely feeling to this dark that reminds us of the raw intimacy shared among different forces of nature. Like a mother, the skies shower their children on land with droplets of water, nourishing them to nourish us. Each drop of water is a piece of art in itself, right from its shape to the sound it makes when it touches the land. Nature doesn’t fail to please each and every sense of the human body- sight, hearing, touch, taste and even smell- with the universally adored petrichor accompanying a generous shower. And who can forget the delicacies that are a must whenever there is rain? From Maggi noodles to onion fritters, gulab jamuns to warm tea and coffee; one can relish them all. Apart from these factors that made me fall in love with rain, there also exists a spiritual connection that I share with it. On the day of my birth, it rained cats and dogs. Streets were flooded, cars stuck, people drenched and traffic static. It was a day when the rain took over from the Sun and I always love to imagine that this happened so that the rain Gods could give me a generous welcome! Thus, rain and I go way back. Therefore, in conclusion, I can say this without a second thought- rainy days are the best days.


Photo Credit- Bibhukalyan Acharya on Pexels.com

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The One and Only, Our mother earth

June 7, 2021

The one who gave us the incredible birth,
we selfishly slewed and took away it’s life.
Are we precisely inhumane to be called humans?
As it is not merely wrong, but a sinful crime.
To mourn on the one, who gave us the momentous life.

The bluish sky,
we madly polluted, for our luxuries.
Are we vaguely uneducated to be called educated?
As it is not entirely wrong, but an immoral crime.
To choke the one, who gave us air to breathe.

The greenish shade,
we constantly slashed, for our cruelness.
Are we blindly insensitive to be called sensitive?
As it is not fairly wrong, but an erring crime.
To scratch the one, who gave us vegetation to eat.

The ravishing rivers,
we stupidly diluted, for our fun.
Are we infinitely careless to be called careful?
As it is not entirely wrong but an unholy crime.
To contaminate the one, who gave us water to drink.

The one and only, our mother earth,
we constantly vandalizing and left alone to heal.
Are we extremely unloving to be called beloved?

As it is not absolutely wrong, but a dreadful crime.
To kill the one, who gave us our mesmerizing existence.

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels.com



Tanupreet Kaur

Tanupreet Kaur was born and brought up in New Delhi, India. She graduated her bachelors in arts and is a published writer along with the certification in Creative Writing, German Language and Desktop Publishing.
As she didn’t grow up having role models, she grew up amidst places and people she wouldn’t describe as ideal but nonetheless she bloomed into her own person. She has been writing since 2016 to achieve the expression of her life and finding solace. She started this journey with writing quotes firstly, then poetry and finally short stories.


Contributors’ Week 2.0

June 5, 2021

On the occasion of World Environment Day, our website has taken the initiative of inviting creative bits from the talented writers from all around the world to raise their voices against exploitation of nature. These contributions have been compiled into the Contributor’s Week with the theme being ‘Nature’s Wreck.’

To kick start the week, the first contribution is by our Administrator, Lukshita Nayyar.

Nature’s Wreck

As soon as a child is born,

Her first lesson is how to love her mother,

The bond forged thus is very tough to be torn,

And it is even tougher to make a stronger bond another.

But the biological relationship of a child and her creator,

Is not the only one which must be propagated since birth,

Because it is this child herself who becomes her mother’s perpetrator,

Not her biological mother though, but the Terra she is born on for whom she has of love severe dearth.

The survival of the ultimate love of a mother and her child,

Is unimaginable without the existence of the Mother Earth,

And even though the thought of considering soil, leaves and oceans one’s mother seems very wild,

But reflection on her gifts of air, water and land make one realise her importance’s girth.

Yes she is the giver of all life,

A selfless provider with no ulterior motives,

But are her children as selfless as her with problems like existence of extreme internal strife?

The answer is a big NO as we have scarred her with of hate and harm’s explosives.

Yes it is us, her own children who have brought her down on her knees,

Exploited all that she had and more without offering of compassion any cheque,

Taken all the forests, animals and seas,

And we are the ones responsible for her dying state- for nature’s wreck, our mother’s wreck.


As a world citizen, I urge all readers to contribute their bit towards the environment by pledging to not overuse, waste or exploit the resources provided by Mother Nature. We are her children and it is our responsibility to care for her till we can.

Contributors’ Week 2.0


Seeing the overwhelming response that we received on the first edition of our Contributors’s Week, we are back with the second edition of the same.

Since Covid is still prevailing, the youth has plenty of time on its hands to unleash their creative side. Keeping in mind the contemporary scenarios in the world along with the approaching Earth Day on June 5 in mind, we have decided to dedicate this week to the theme ‘Nature’s Wreck- Causes and Effects.’

Under this topic, contributors can send drawings, sketches, paintings, etc. and/or poetry, articles, stories or write ups on the topic given above. These entries must include material showcasing the different human made factors that have caused environmental degradation and the effects this degradation has on the present world and the effects it may have on the world in the future.

The last date of submission of entries is June 2, 2021. The names of the finalised contributors will be published

on the website on June 4, 2021 and the Contributors’ Week will be held from June 5, 2021- June 12, 2021. All the selected entries will be published on the website and will also be shared on the official Facebook and Instagram pages of the website.

For any further information and submission of entries, contact the Administrator on the Email ID- teentidings01@gmail.com or through the website itself.


Hoping to make this Contributors’ Week a success!

The Choice

I was walking down the street

In the direction that was all too familiar

And without missing a beat

I knew where I was going with just my memory sheer.

The rain wet my hair, making them partially moist

And the droplets flowed down my cheeks, wetting them too

Funny, I thought, as my thoughts my mind voiced,

“If not for the rain, anyone would think you were crying, isn’t that true?”

So, with a babbling mind and a pair of pungent rubber shoes

I approached my destination

“Oh! How lovely would it be to meet him again!” My heart would cruise

As I walked with feelings of delight and adoration.

And soon enough I reached him

Knocked on the door, like every other time

Waited, but the longer he took, the more my happiness would dim.

I knocked once more, and once more and once more; so many times that happiness turned so fragile, it became sublime.

In a frenzy, I picked up the flower pot on the patio

Rummaged under it till my fingers touched the key

With shaky hands, I inserted the key into the keyhole as my fear grew

And as soon the door unlocked, I swiftly made my entry.

And as I entered, my eyes fixated

On the horrific sight before me

His eyes were listless and dull and his body could only make movements limited

As I saw the God of Death embrace him, taking him away from the mortal world for all eternity.

I couldn’t believe my eyes

I fell to the floor on my knees

First I felt numb, like someone had buried me in ice

Or my senses had completely shut off, like I had contracted some deadly disease.

But then the realisation hit

And before I knew it, my eyes opened their floodgate

Tears and more tears poured as I sat on the floor with my teeth grit

And the bouts of hysteria shook me as I cursed the outcome of my fate.

As more tears fell and my sobbing got louder

My surroundings started getting dark

And before I knew what was happening, I felt my eyes turning tender

And somehow, physical exhaustion started receding its mark.

And when everything went pitch black

I was jolted out of my slumber

And as a matter of habit I turned over as my nightmare managed to end and cut me some slack

And right when I was about to call him to comfort me, the realization struck me like a bolt of thunder.

He wasn’t here, and he would never be

The disease out there- Covid 19- it had taken him

It had taken him to the depths of the known worldly order and away from me

But no, it wasn’t Covid 19 after all, but Thanatos himself who took him, as a disease could not take away the life of so many by itself.

And as I sit on my bed tonight

With my knees pulled to my chest and darkness around

I tell you how real and horrifying the virus is that is in our sight

With only one thought in mind- is it so difficult for those who are still away from the grasp of Thanatos to stay safe inside, or is it easier for them to let them incurable loss surround?

And this question constantly echoes in my mind like a constant grind

As I lie awake at night with at the back of mind this whispering voice

And consuming paranoia a space in my mind will always find

As I ask myself- in the name of toxic freedom and senseless independence, are the people in this world making the right choice?

The Wise Man

[Sh Surinder Mohan Nayyar, the ‘Wise Man’ of Nayyar Clan, my Dad]

(The given article has been written by CA Vikram Nayyar and edited by Lukshita Nayyar. Through this article, he has tried to immortalize the memories and thoughts of his late father who he has always seen as the ‘Wise Man’ of the family.)

Late Sh. Surinder Mohan Nayyar

Sh. Surinder Mohan Nayyar was born to Late Sh. Bihari Lal Nayyar and Late Smt. Ram Piyari Nayyar on 20 Jan, 1944 in Undivided India (Lahore). After independence and partition his family settled down in a small town Khanna (Punjab), which later on turned out to be the largest grain market of Asia. He blossomed in a family of 10 siblings, 7 brothers and 3 sisters, him being the eldest. Despite the initial adversities faced by the family (forced migration after partition, etc.) he successfully earned a diploma in electronics. His wish to pursue further studies could not materialize, as he was the eldest son and he had to join his father’s business.  

Right from his childhood, he was a keen learner. Irrespective of the domain or sphere of knowledge, he tried to read and learn as much as possible. This trait of his made him a common reference point in the family for any and every kind of advice. Although he did not have a large friend circle, but the few dear ones he had always sought his advice. As a growing youngster, I witnessed that my father was being consulted by the family members across generations (right from my grandparents and my fathers’ siblings to the children of his siblings), especially over the matters concerning physical well being and medicines. Eventually, he became the ‘Wise Man’ of the Nayyar clan. 

I wanted to be an engineer, but the ‘Wise Man’ advised me to pursue commerce and I followed his advice. I did my bachelors in commerce followed by CA and then I further pursued Masters and a degree in law. I used to have frequent arguments and clash of opinions with the ‘Wise Man’ on varied topics, be it family intricacies, social conduct, national/international issues, business/entrepreneurial insights and what not. Loaded with educational degrees, I used to push my viewpoint by any means. On such occasions, the ‘Wise Man’ would do the same thing, which a father normally does, that is to accept the view point of his child, obviously, because fathers take joy in the victory of their children more than their own. Although I used to relish the joy of winning over the ‘Wise Man’, but my conscience would know that on each of such occasion, the life experiences of the ‘Wise Man’ overweighed my arguments, which were based on the book learning.

The ‘Wise Man’ grew up as a grand old man of 77 years and his physical movements to and in the outside world were almost negligible.  I too grew up as a family man and father of three children. Notwithstanding that, our arguments would continue. Then came the Corona era. It provided us another battleground for argument-war. I had been vehemently cautioning the ‘Wise Man’ to take all precautions for Corona. The ‘Wise Man’ somehow was relaxed, considering his negligible physical movements beyond his abode. 

The ‘‘Wise Man’’ now is no more. He breathed his last on 25.4.2021 (4:59 pm) at PGI and the cause of his demise was Corona. The ‘Wise Man’ forgot that corona could come through visitors also. To perform the last rites of the ‘‘Wise Man’’, I being the eldest son, was taking him to our native place Khanna from PGI. This was the last journey that the ‘Wise Man’ and I undertook together to the final destination of ‘‘Wise Man’”.  Entire time during this journey, I kept on thinking as to why this time also the ‘Wise Man’s life experience did not outweigh my views. At the end, I came to the sad conclusion that this disease, for the first time, outsmarted the eternal wisdom of my ‘Wise Man’.

Miss you Dad.

~CA Vikram Nayyar

I Am

My eyes see
A warrior as I stand before a mirror
I am locked inside
But my raging mind is not, and will never be.

I am strong
I am mighty
Yes a disease waits to prey on me
But it doesn’t realise that my strength is the real predator.

I am confident
And I am hopeful
And even though times are uncertain
My belief of my capabilities is not.

Poem Published in Renowned Newsletter

We have all seen numerous situations, faced unbelievable challenges and overcome several hurdles during the course of the Corona Virus pandemic. The major part of this period were lockdowns, meant for us to stay at home and try to control the spread of this virus. However, these lockdowns have not been easy on any of us. Believe it or not, both introverts and extroverts have had their lows during these lockdowns. Apart from them, another section of people who have bore the brunt of isolation are our senior citizens and aged people. With limited contact and communication with younger members of their family, it has been tough on them as their support and sources of joy and happiness have been distanced from them for prolonged periods of time. This situation was similar in my maternal grandmother, my nani’s case. My nani is a beautiful person who loves her family and places it on the first spot of priorities of her life. She is also a patient of rheumatoid arthritis since 1998. Thus, for her, this lockdown meant that her children and grandchildren could not meet her periodically and the joy she felt on meeting them that distracted her from her pain was halted suddenly.

Keeping my nani in mind, I had composed a poem from her perspective based on her experiences of the lockdown as an RA patient. This poem had a special mention of Dr. Aman Sharma, my nani’s doctor and guardian angel, who has saved my nani’s life on numerous occasions. I was humbled when this poem of mine was selected to be published in the renowned Indian Rheumatology Association’s(IRA) newsletter. I would love to share the same with you all through my blog. To read the poem, please click on the link provided below.


Summarising the Most Shocking Revelations About the #OprahMeghanHarry Interview

Well, 2020 was so wild that 2021 can’t stand to be considered anything less than its predecessor. With the year already bearing witness to the Capitol violence, Trump’s social media accounts being banned, Elon Musk overtaking Jeff Bezos as the richest man of the world, and the most talked about occurrence- Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, it’s been a long ride. In this post, we are going to talk about one of the world’s most talked about couple and the revelations they made in their interview with Oprah Winfrey.

1. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially stepped back from their royal duties, given up their HRH status, public funds that come from royal duties and have decided to divide their time between North America and UK.

2. They have revealed in the interview that Meghan was in a very fragile spot mentally, to the extent that she starting having suicidal tendencies.

3. The couple claimed that an unnamed member of the royal family taunted baby Archie with racist comments about “how dark his skin will be” and how he won’t be given any royal status because of the same.

4. The couple also claimed that they had been financially abandoned and Prince Harry had to use the inheritance left by his mother to survive.

5. The couple also revealed that they are expecting a baby girl.

6. Prince Harry claimed that he could see “history being repeated” in the form of the events taking place with Meghan with reference to his mother Diana.

7. The couple also revealed that they had gotten married in a private ceremony three days prior to the public affair in a small backyard. They also said that the vows they took in the private ceremony were framed and hung in their home.

8. Meghan also revealed that Kate Middleton made her cry before the wedding, but they reconciled soon after understanding the immense pressure a royal wedding brings along.

Well, there you go folks. A summary of the major claims and revelations by Prince Harry and Meghan. This was also followed by statements and further controversies courtesy celebrities(Serena Williams, Meena Harris, Chrissy Teigen’s statements among others’ and the Piers Morgan scandal). What’s in store for the couple in the future is unknown and irrelevant. But, something that is clear is that clearly even the most loved, respected and rich can be so deeply shaken up by bitter experiences that their lives become vulnerable in superlative. Therefore, it is our duty as humans to retain our humanity and help anyone and everyone who is mentally or physically unfit. This can be done in whatever way the concerned person wants to be helped, either by staying silent and giving them privacy or by trying to calm them with consoling and motivating words. To conclude, controversies are trending for only a week or two, but the agenda of mental health, racism and humanity are their to stay. Thus, if these news can enlighten people about the permanent agendas of the world, then even a week or two are enough for the world to change.

Photo credit- CNN News