Is There an Answer to the Maybe?

How do you distinguish,
Between what you crave and what you desire?
How do you differentiate
Between a want and a need?
Do the primal needs,
Surpass self-constructed ones?
Or do necessities of survival,
Lag behind our own fabricated idealisms?
And if not us,
Who can make this distinction?
Will it be the preachers of truth,
Whose only merits are encounters with realities?
Will it be leaders of the world,
Who take pride in the enormity of their epiphanies?
Will it be teachers,
Who have taught us everything and thus would teach this also?
Or will it be parents,
Present or not, but still attempting to teach us all the ways of the world?
Whoever it may be,
It certainly cannot be me.
For to look at my heart and mind in a varied way,
Is not something doing myself I see.
But maybe this is how it is supposed to be
Maybe I shouldn’t know everything there is to know,
Maybe the heart, mind and body are in discord on purpose
And maybe, maybe to search for concord is not on their mind after all.

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Published by Lukshita

Using my words to express the feelings of the world...

3 thoughts on “Is There an Answer to the Maybe?

  1. Nicely portrayed the predicament of contrasting thoughts which we all come across in our lives. Beautifully woven in words


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