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Share your Thoughts through Words

Teen Tidings is a platform of the youth, for the youth and by the youth. After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response for our website’s maiden publication, Globe Trotting in Confinement, we have come up with another initiative- Share your Thoughts through Words-wherein budding writers, poets, reviewers, storytellers, fashion enthusiasts, travellers, etc. can share their original compositions with the world through Teen Tidings.
For a whole week, 1 budding writer will get a chance to be published on the website every day along with a brief introduction, picture and composition of theirs.
To participate, interested students can send their compositions, brief introductions and picture(optional) on the email ID- teentidings01@gmail.com or WhatsApp the same on- 9915280687. You can contact us on the above mentioned address or phone number in case any queries regarding the same arise.


Hope to read and share strings of words crafted by your amazing imagination.
Best regards
Lukshita Nayyar
Teen Tidings
Dates of event- January 10 to January 17, 2021.
Last date of submission of entries- 11:59 PM, January 9, 2021


Hello Thinkers!

Welcome to the very first page of the website dedicated to all the thinkers and debaters out there!

Since it is the first time in the history of India that such a pandemic has forced all Indians into their homes due to a nation-wide lockdown, it is your time to discover yourselves as individuals and hone your talents and hobbies or simply share your unique, once-in-a-lifetime or plain weird experiences of this lockdown.

To share your discoveries or experiences with the world, we at Teen Tidings have taken an initiative to publish an E-Book which will contain your experiences of this lockdown!!

To become a contributor in this book, follow three simple steps:

  1. Pen-down your lockdown experiences in 300-350 words.
  2. Send your write-up on the message block of the Contact Us corner or send it directly via mail on the E-Mail ID- lukshitanayyar@gmail.com
  3. Subscribe the page to be a regular part of our published works.

So, become a part of our E-Book and have a book credited to your name, in collaboration with teentidings.com

*think, write, discuss, repeat*


I would like to extend my gratitude to all the contributors who have successfully been added to the list of teen authors and authoresses by signing-up for the E-Book.

As an update, I would like to inform all the viewers that we have received around a dozen write-ups and another half a dozen or so are in the pipeline, which means that we have come very close to our upper-limit of inputs.

Thus, I would recommend all those who are interested to become a part of this endeavor to send their articles pronto. This contribution will mean a book credited to your name! You will be recognized as an author(ess) and will be known globally!

Also, please attach two pictures of yours with the article- one, a normal picture of yourself and two, a picture of you showcasing your new-found talent or skill (credits-lockdown) or a picture of your visual experience(if any) during this lockdown.

Looking forward to reading your lockdown experiences!

To give you a sneak peek into how you can describe your lockdown experiences, I would like to share my own unique experiences with you.

Firstly, I had a very scary experience during this time because of a rumor that a wild leopard had been spotted in our street and it would be foolishness to step outside the main door. I remember being utterly and completely horrified, not daring to step beyond the patio and thinking that if I did so, I would be met by a sight which will disturb me for life. Of course, it passed once I discovered it was a rumor but that feeling still gives me jitters.

Secondly, I experienced something beautiful during this lockdown as well. I saw my baby brother grow so closely, it made my heart ache. From a little overly-dependent human incarnation of a Jersey calf, to a semi-dependent humanoid, his little leaps have been a treat to watch.

I hope my experiences have given you a brief idea on how to pen-down your own lockdown experiences!

Greetings writers!

This time of crisis has been no less than an acid test of our patience, endurance and survival skills. With this pandemic wreaking havoc in almost every dot on the world map including India, our optimism sure has fallen a little.

And don’t forget the migrating labourers. This pandemic has been the most brutal on them. But as universal brothers and sisters, it is not the time to grieve individually and extinguish the flame of hope in us completely. Rather, it is the time to stand together in solidarity with the affected, do our bit to support the needy and provide constructive criticism to the authorities rather than constantly finding faults in them.

Besides these duties of ours towards the affected and concerned zone of the nation, we also have the duty of motivating, inspiring and giving hope to our fellow countrymen and countrywomen or simply convey that you relate to the situations that they are going through presently.

Teen Tidings has taken this initiative to help people convey their lockdown experiences with the world, not only positive ones but negative as well, so that all the people who are disturbed and unhappy can count their blessings and be hopeful for a brighter future.

To become a part of this noble cause, all you have to do is draft a 300-350 word write-up about your lockdown experiences. These experiences will be compiled in an E-BOOK and will acknowledge all contributors as authors. So what are you waiting for? Let your thoughts drip from your pen!
Send in your compositions on lukshitanayyar@gmail.com Hurry! The last date for submission is 1st of June, Monday.
Hope to read unique lockdown experiences of our youth!!

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9 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. Dear Lukshita, today you have surprised me…can’t believe it is the same poetess who penned the serious and challenging poems like “The Flame” and “Death brings Life”. This is such a light hearted happy go lucky poem like your own personality. Neve realized so much goes on behind the calm and placid smiling face….That’s is after all the beauty of talented writer. Keep writing. God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It is indeed a very interesting proposition. I hope fellow readers would take advantage of this opportunity to get their experiences of this unprecedented time recorded and archived. All the very best.

    Liked by 2 people

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