Life of a Leaf

19 January, 2021 Lightly dancing on the edges of branches as stealthily as a thief, and enjoys its life to the fullest as if it knows its life is brief. A leaf’s life is short indeed, attached to the branches to live more as in greed. But spreads happiness all around, with its colours andContinue reading “Life of a Leaf”

Lost Humanity

18 January, 2021 Lost Humanity Humanity, you are the intricate compassion of life But opposite to your nature, you are hiding behind the mist Saying everything will be just fine. Lives lost due to your loss are infinite But we still hope for a future bright. All people have lost hope And I don’t knowContinue reading “Lost Humanity”

The Power of Books

16 January, 2021 “Books are a proof that humans can create magic” -Anonymous Since childhood we have been hearing that books are our best friends, and honestly, I feel this is totally true. This is because unlike humans, books are not disloyal, backstabbers or toxic. Also, books boost our creative side. They fuel our imagination.Continue reading “The Power of Books”

My Wandering Bottle

By- Pahul Singh Today my bottle went on an unexpected excursion,  A great adventure across the vast classroom floor.  But I was detained by the fact that my art file was getting checked, And when the four minutes of continuous nail-biting ended, I first looked out the door – Because you never know where thatContinue reading “My Wandering Bottle”

The Stranger with Blue Orbs

14 January, 2021 The Stranger with Blue Orbs It felt as if the sky cheered for me as I ran away from them. From my very own friends, or maybe enemies now. One night and the tables turned, more like flipped. Tears blurred my vision but I didn’t stop. The heavens roared. Suddenly, I trippedContinue reading “The Stranger with Blue Orbs”

Movie Review-Murder on the Orient Express

CAUTION-SPOILERS AHEAD OTT PLATFORM- AVAILABLE ON DISNEY+HOTSTAR Overview The film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s arguably most famous and widely-read novel, Murder on the Orient Express, is a 2017 film directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Tom Bateman, Kenneth Branagh, Penélope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench, Johnny Depp, Josh Gad, Derek Jacobi, Leslie Odom Jr., MichelleContinue reading “Movie Review-Murder on the Orient Express”

Globe Trotting in Confinement RELEASED!

Click on the above link to read the book by our awesome contributors! The book titled ‘Globe Trotting in Confinement’ is a unique venture in itself because it is a collaboration of 17 teenagers from all over the globe including India, New Zealand, Ghana, Canada and Spain, wherein they have shared their experiences during thisContinue reading “Globe Trotting in Confinement RELEASED!”

Fight For What is Right

Our world is a beautiful place which houses social, cultural, physical and emotional diversity. This diversity is so vast that it includes drastic variations even in the basic virtuous make-up of individuals all over the world. The plethora of these humane emotions like love, honesty, care for others, humility, etc. are the ideal foundation ofContinue reading “Fight For What is Right”

Announcement Regarding Book

“The borders may be sealed, doors and windows shut; but unlocked are our nostalgic hearts, beating together and remembering our brothers and citizens afar.” The year 2020 was meant to be a fresh milestone which would bring happiness, prosperity and new opportunities for all and start the new decade on a positive note. However, itContinue reading “Announcement Regarding Book”

Autumn Wind

An autumn wind blew through her hair, Vanquishing all stillness within, layer by layer, And for a moment her soul which she forcibly concealed was bare, When the autumn wind blew through her hair. ************************************************** Keeping up with the spirit of short poetry is yet another metaphorical piece, ‘Autumn Wind’, the interpretation of which isContinue reading “Autumn Wind”