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From Reader to Writer

My name is Lukshita Nayyar and I was born in Chandigarh, India. I was brought into the world by two wonderful individuals- my awesome mom, Dr. Chanchal Narang, who is my support in all endeavors of life and my superb dad, CA Vikram Nayyar, who is my most ruthless critic and my partner in crime. I have also been blessed with the most loving, caring and understanding sister, Deeksha and a lovely baby brother, Lakshya Veer.

I am a student of India’s best day-school for girls, Carmel Convent School, Sector-9B, Chandigarh. If my family acts as pillars in the building of my talent, my teachers, sisters and Principal act as the foundation.

My writing journey started when I was as young as seven-years old, when I wrote my very first short poem on my mom. Since then, there has been no turning back.

My passion for writing has always been fueled by my mother, who is a professor of English and a great composer herself. She has been a great supporter and contributor to all my compositions.

This fueling has been no less by my father, who is a charted accountant and heads the finance department of Panjab University, for giving me the most useful constructive criticism and adding a colorful mosaic to my life when it is a gradient of dull black.

Throughout this encouragement, my sister has been the best friend and companion I could have ever asked for and has offered me suggestions as a young and dynamic individual.

Last but not the least, my baby brother has always brought a smile to my face whenever I am feeling low and has been the bundle of joy that every person craves in their life.

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