You, Unexpectedly

I spent countless nights hating on loveEvery waking dream was torturousFlashes of lies, betrayals and mockery haunted meAnd the prospect of love induced burning tears.I couldn’t believe that even though I gave my all,Even though I loved more than I thought I couldEven though I gave more than I thought I owned,Yet I ended upContinue reading “You, Unexpectedly”

Sun Over Your Crescent

So many feelings, bottled-up Emotions and emotions, flooding my mind and heart,  Every thought, every idea, every fleeting possibility, Piercing my peace like a glass shard. But I can not blame you, for who am I to you? Nothing, nothing, but a passing phase, Like a crescent moon in the night sky, Momentary happiness, meantContinue reading “Sun Over Your Crescent”

You Were the Death of Me

From the authoress of the YA genre favorites like “One of Us is Lying”, “The Cousins”, and “Two Can Keep a Secret”, comes another murder mystery by Karen McManus, “You’ll be the Death of Me,” published by Penguin Publishers. Background The story is centered around a whimsical group of three high school seniors in CarltonContinue reading “You Were the Death of Me”

Another Lifetime

Love is the most powerful force. It harbors a whole spectrum of gentleness and passion, and of cherishing and of longing in it, all woven together intricately within us. But apart from the universally desired forms of love, one of its forms often goes underappreciated- the love of friendship. Unlike bonds of family that weContinue reading “Another Lifetime”

Is There an Answer to the Maybe?

How do you distinguish,Between what you crave and what you desire?How do you differentiateBetween a want and a need?Do the primal needs,Surpass self-constructed ones?Or do necessities of survival,Lag behind our own fabricated idealisms?And if not us,Who can make this distinction?Will it be the preachers of truth,Whose only merits are encounters with realities?Will it be leadersContinue reading “Is There an Answer to the Maybe?”

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Nothing As An Unsinkable Ship

Life is marked by change, both turbulent and placid, but change nonetheless. But this change may not always be associated with something that pleases the one who undergoes it, rather, it may leave behind a void of loss that can be incredibly painful to bear. However, even in the face of such change that couldContinue reading “Nothing As An Unsinkable Ship”

Is There Anything Different?

The agony of your comfort The restlessness of your tranquillity The apathy of your passion The longing of your contentment. Why, why is your existence so oxymoronic? Ironic isn’t it? Since you call yourself the clearest headed of all Boast your power, which regrettably exists, oh how tragic. Oh heart, which depth of yours doContinue reading “Is There Anything Different?”

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Beautiful, she was Oh, so beautiful! “Like the stars bedazzling the sky in fantasized patterns? Like the fresh roses or sweet words of a lover? Like the little mist on the tips of the blades of meadows? Was she as beautiful?” No, no. She is beauty, but not the one you find in plain sightContinue reading “More”

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As Summer Dawns

I had never been much of a poet Neither could I call myself a writer To weave webs of metaphors, And paint canvases of symbols, It happened never. To arrange my thoughts in the same handful of alphabets To articulate my feelings with a pen and paper And to produce words that make one feelContinue reading “As Summer Dawns”

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