The One and Only, Our mother earth

June 7, 2021 The one who gave us the incredible birth,we selfishly slewed and took away it’s life.Are we precisely inhumane to be called humans?As it is not merely wrong, but a sinful crime.To mourn on the one, who gave us the momentous life. The bluish sky,we madly polluted, for our luxuries.Are we vaguely uneducatedContinue reading “The One and Only, Our mother earth”

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Contributors’ Week 2.0

June 5, 2021 On the occasion of World Environment Day, our website has taken the initiative of inviting creative bits from the talented writers from all around the world to raise their voices against exploitation of nature. These contributions have been compiled into the Contributor’s Week with the theme being ‘Nature’s Wreck.’ To kick startContinue reading “Contributors’ Week 2.0”

Letter to My Unborn Daughter

Hi honey! Today, I thought I’d write a letter to you because I want to talk to you about how life is going to be to you in the future. You are very young, probably about to enter your teen years soon. The next few years will teach you a million of lessons. The countryContinue reading “Letter to My Unborn Daughter”

Do Exam Results Alone Determine a Child’s Mental Worth?

This is a very seminal question which begs for a definite answer. These days, those children who excel in exams are eulogized instantly and are catapulted to a cult status overnight. Overzealous media projects their lives as ideal worth emulation by all. On the other hand, those who could not perform well at the examsContinue reading “Do Exam Results Alone Determine a Child’s Mental Worth?”

The Redemption

28 January, 2021 Zealous, they all gathered aboard,Onto the creaky little sailboat,The sea, blessings on them bestowed;Creatures beneath sung with a husky throat;In return, all the crewmen bellowed,What better joy than to raucously gloat? The destination was rumoured diabolical,Unfathomable treasures it had guarded long;Beyond grasp, powers they called mystical.Alas! Only with the worthy does itContinue reading “The Redemption”

The Limit

25 January, 2021 Just say it, I silently reminded myself. You know you’ll regret it if you don’t.. This has been the story of my life since I can remember. I always said, “Of course, I love your food, grandma!” even when her old age made it difficult to differentiate between salt and sugar. “No,Continue reading “The Limit”


22 January, 2021 The wind is rustling The leaves are falling, With her mind bustling Thoughts are crawling. What have I done wrong? She thinks to herself, I have been suffering for too long. She ponders while looking at the knife on the shelf The world does not like her Family does not accept, FriendsContinue reading “Insecurities”

It’s the Only Way to Live

21 January, 2021 Breathe Slower Because the only way you live is by slow dancing under a disco ball The only way you live is by swimming in the swamp The only way you live is by strolling in a marathon It’s the only way you know how to live Tuck your hair Behind yourContinue reading “It’s the Only Way to Live”

Life of a Leaf

19 January, 2021 Lightly dancing on the edges of branches as stealthily as a thief, and enjoys its life to the fullest as if it knows its life is brief. A leaf’s life is short indeed, attached to the branches to live more as in greed. But spreads happiness all around, with its colours andContinue reading “Life of a Leaf”

Lost Humanity

18 January, 2021 Lost Humanity Humanity, you are the intricate compassion of life But opposite to your nature, you are hiding behind the mist Saying everything will be just fine. Lives lost due to your loss are infinite But we still hope for a future bright. All people have lost hope And I don’t knowContinue reading “Lost Humanity”