Little Pieces of a Bigger Puzzle

People Putting The Pieces Together Concept . Large Group Of People In The  Shape Of Two Puzzle Pieces On A White Background. Stock Photo, Picture And  Royalty Free Image. Image 34937954.
a drop of water in the sea
a grain of sand on the beach
a blade of grass in the meadow 
you and me, in this world.

a strand of hair in a head of luscious curls
a thread of fabric from a t-shirt 
a pinch of salt in the ocean
you and me, in this world.

a note of music in a song 
a petal of a flower in the park
a second in a day of dozens of hours
you and me, in this world.

we are all incomplete
complete, yet lacking in a sense so oblique 
one is nothing without the other, 
and all together they are everything.

piece by piece the universe is made
with everything being a part of something bigger 
like pieces of a puzzle, these gently fit,
and hence form the bigger picture.

these small things are made for greatness 
after all, without one right brick, the highest castles may collapse
and everyone’s purpose of existence is bigger than they’ll ever know,
it is us, these pieces who, little by little, make the greatest puzzles.

Published by Lukshita

Using my words to express the feelings of the world...

3 thoughts on “Little Pieces of a Bigger Puzzle

  1. find myself short of words to comment on this remarkable piece of writing, which not only explains uniqueness of each individual but also highlight the delicate relationship which each individual has with the Universe


  2. Very interesting and inspiring perspective. If the pieces of the puzzle fit in, the world will emerge as a coherent whole.


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