If I Told You

If I tell you to close your eyes
If I tell you to stop yourself from listening
If I tell you to believe the sweet lies 
If I tell you it’s no use speaking, 
Would you listen?
If I tell you to let go 
If I tell you to sing loud 
If I tell you to lie low 
If I tell you to stand out in the crowd, 
Would you trust me? 

If I tell you to hold my hand 
and tell you to tread together on any path 
If I tell you that beyond the bend there is no land 
and tell you hence the road is just a blood bath, 
Would you come? 

I know you won’t answer right away 
maybe you will, but it’ll be a yes of humor devoid of sincerity,
It will make me doubt if forever you’d stay 
but I know you will, yet it’ll hold true only if the journey will be one of comfort and familiarity. 
So yes; you would listen, trust and come with me, 
maybe along the way our hearts grow even fonder. 
But alas! I know this is only possible in theory 
and we’re not meant to go together into the unknown yonder.

Published by Lukshita

Using my words to express the feelings of the world...

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