Running Out

The sand in the clock on the table- it’s running out

The flour we use at home- it’s running out

The water under the ground after continuous extraction- it’s running out

The love in the relationship of a young, immature couple- it’s running out

And our patience after these unprecedented times- it’s running out.

This world is of impermanence, of bodies of earth that will be a part of their origin again, of time- a human construct that keeps ticking, but hope, hope my loves- it’s never running out.

This fine line between the things that are bound to run out and hope is balanced because hope can conquer all elements in the running out side.

If Noah didn’t have the hope and passion to fulfil God’s will, the Noah’s arc would not be etched in history,

If the Jews didn’t have hope of seeing their homes, families or freedoms ever again, the survivors of the Holocaust would not exist today,

And if we didn’t have hope during these times of the pandemic, then the world could have perished easily and we could just watch in dismay.

Now we know things will run out, whether they’re time, food, water, air or patience, but the sole warrior sustaining us and giving us the comfort of one permanent thing is hope- it’s not running out.

Published by Lukshita

Using my words to express the feelings of the world...

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