Letter to My Unborn Daughter

Hi honey!

Today, I thought I’d write a letter to you because I want to talk to you about how life is going to be to you in the future. You are very young, probably about to enter your teen years soon. The next few years will teach you a million of lessons. The country you are born in is one of the best countries in the world but the society and the people like any other place, may prove to be slightly conservative or discriminatory towards you, for miscellaneous reasons. But we, your parents, promise you that we will always stand by you and support all your decisions in life.

Saying this, we must also warn you that world is going to knock you, hard, and push you back. You’ll make new friends and lose many of them. At some point you’ll think that no one has got your back and you are all alone. And before any of that happens, I urge you that no matter how hard you are knocked out , you will get up and fight back. This world is full of bad people , you will make a friend today and there’s a chance that you lose a friend the same day, a friend who has been very close to you all these years but suddenly changes into a complete stranger. But at that point only the most difficult part comes because you alone can and will have to defeat your feeling of loneliness and rise from the hurt you are suffering from yourself. You will learn from your mistakes you will mature over time.

In the end. I would like to tell you that your papa is a worrier and your mama is a warrior , and you are a little girl who has never learned to stop fighting!

Photo by Emma Bauso on Pexels.com


Author- Anirudh Palta

About the Author

Hi! I’m Anirudh of grade 11 from Sacred Heart Convent School in Ludhiana. My hobbies are playing football and writing. I am an amateur writer and thank Teen Tidings for providing me this platform to share my thoughts with the world.


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