Safety of Women in India

Source- SARKAR/ AFP- Social activists hold a poster with their mouths covered as they protest against the recent rape and murder of a of a 27-year-old veterinary in Hyderabad, in Kolkata on November 30, 2019.

It all started with a sudden spur of protests and expressions of solidarity. Before this, the Nirbhaya case was just another case which was among many gang rape cases that came in a quantity of dozens regularly. But in reality, it wasn’t just a case that was filed and forgotten, rather, it shook the country hard. It compelled us to think that a woman lives in a place where we she is surrounded by these pathetic sexual predators all the time and though the police department can protect her only to an extent, it is the sick mentality of these rapists that makes her prey to their barbaric crimes.

Nirbhaya case took place in 2012 after which the citizens were assured that the repetition of such a crime will never be witnessed again. But unfortunately, then came the high profile Unnao rape case in 2017 and the Kathua rape case in 2018 which further cracked open the crevices of shame of the country. From a sitting MLA raping a minor girl and then killing all who dared to speak against him, to an eight-year-old girl being abducted, raped and killed by seven people, the fear of the country plunging deeper into the sea of crime was ever-increasing.

To conclude, this brutality did not cease here, but the Hyderabad rape case added another ugly scar to the wounded face of the country. A veterinarian was gang raped and then burnt alive by her rapists. These disgusting accounts can make anybody question the status of women’s safety in India. The debates centred towards the post-rape proceedings are plenty, but prevention- negligible. As the youth of our nation, it is our duty to step-up and eliminate patriarchal and misogynist views and treat women as equal to ensure their safety. The future generation should be sensitive towards the pivotal role of women in shaping the nation and if this target is still unachieved, it is not the rapists, but us who are stripping the country off its dignity.


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