Smartness of Smartphones

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This age is dominated by the excessive use of a certain identity that always amuses the intellectuals on account of its ironic name. And this honour has been bestowed upon the infamous universally owned gadget- smartphones. This identity has many delusional aspects attached to its identity. Although people support the intelligence and increased efficiency of smartphones, yet their fooled conscience is questioned by their somewhat rational sub-conscience.

Smartphones can be compared to children. They have to be trained, taught, reminded and given orders and when they are old enough to become independent, they are the ones who make us dependent on them with their “knowledge” and “efficiency”. This misleading identity makes the thinking section of the society rattle their last four brain cells- are smartphones really making us smart?

In my opinion, smartphones are a medium of increasing our efficiency, however, we have mistaken the use of smartphones from an additional helping hand to the basis of our survival. To escape this rising plague, it is our duty to use smartphones in the way they were originally invented for rather than allowing them to become the reason of the apocalypse of human creativity.

So please consider smartphones as an addition, not a whole.

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