You, Unexpectedly

I spent countless nights hating on loveEvery waking dream was torturousFlashes of lies, betrayals and mockery haunted meAnd the prospect of love induced burning tears.I couldn’t believe that even though I gave my all,Even though I loved more than I thought I couldEven though I gave more than I thought I owned,Yet I ended upContinue reading “You, Unexpectedly”

Another Lifetime

Love is the most powerful force. It harbors a whole spectrum of gentleness and passion, and of cherishing and of longing in it, all woven together intricately within us. But apart from the universally desired forms of love, one of its forms often goes underappreciated- the love of friendship. Unlike bonds of family that weContinue reading “Another Lifetime”

Is There an Answer to the Maybe?

How do you distinguish,Between what you crave and what you desire?How do you differentiateBetween a want and a need?Do the primal needs,Surpass self-constructed ones?Or do necessities of survival,Lag behind our own fabricated idealisms?And if not us,Who can make this distinction?Will it be the preachers of truth,Whose only merits are encounters with realities?Will it be leadersContinue reading “Is There an Answer to the Maybe?”

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