Running Out

The sand in the clock on the table- it’s running out The flour we use at home- it’s running out The water under the ground after continuous extraction- it’s running out The love in the relationship of a young, immature couple- it’s running out And our patience after these unprecedented times- it’s running out. ThisContinue reading “Running Out”

Fight For What is Right

Our world is a beautiful place which houses social, cultural, physical and emotional diversity. This diversity is so vast that it includes drastic variations even in the basic virtuous make-up of individuals all over the world. The plethora of these humane emotions like love, honesty, care for others, humility, etc. are the ideal foundation ofContinue reading “Fight For What is Right”

What is Feminism and Why is it Trending?

What is feminism? The world is now adopting a “feminist” ideology, a concept where all people irrespective of their gender, demand social and professional equality for all genders. The people all over the world are coming together as feminists to promote equality between the genders. The feminists could be liberal, with a calmer and moreContinue reading “What is Feminism and Why is it Trending?”


“If sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, then silence is the highest.” It is the natural tendency of humans to argue and try to prove their point right. However, in the contemporary era, these arguments have assumed the identity of roast battles, wherein the person passing the most brutally humiliating and sarcastic comeback isContinue reading “WHY YOU SHOULD SMILE AND WAVE WHEN SOMEONE INSULTS YOU”

Smartness of Smartphones

This age is dominated by the excessive use of a certain identity that always amuses the intellectuals on account of its ironic name. And this honour has been bestowed upon the infamous universally owned gadget- smartphones. This identity has many delusional aspects attached to its identity. Although people support the intelligence and increased efficiency ofContinue reading “Smartness of Smartphones”

Safety of Women in India

It all started with a sudden spur of protests and expressions of solidarity. Before this, the Nirbhaya case was just another case which was among many gang rape cases that came in a quantity of dozens regularly. But in reality, it wasn’t just a case that was filed and forgotten, rather, it shook the countryContinue reading “Safety of Women in India”

Indian Women on the Rise

The era before independence saw strong female leaders and warriors like Rani Laxmibai, Razia Sultan, Begum Hazrat Mahal, Jhalkari Bai and other brave women. It is also a fact that after independence, our country has been led by strong female characters like Late Shrimati Indira Gandhi Ji as our honourable ex-Prime Minister and Shrimati PratibhaContinue reading “Indian Women on the Rise”

If Only Forever Wasn’t That Long

We are young and foolish, unaware about what the future holds. We try to walk in the ocean, expecting to stay afloat. We block the mouth of the flute, expecting to hear a melodious tune. We make promises of forever, oblivious of the duration of eternity. This poem is a harsh reality of today’s youth,Continue reading “If Only Forever Wasn’t That Long”