You, Unexpectedly

I spent countless nights hating on love
Every waking dream was torturous
Flashes of lies, betrayals and mockery haunted me
And the prospect of love induced burning tears.
I couldn’t believe that even though I gave my all,
Even though I loved more than I thought I could
Even though I gave more than I thought I owned,
Yet I ended up unlucky in affection, yet I ended up heartbroken.
The pieces of my broken heart sang of pain
Of sleepless nights filled with rage
Of questions- was I ever enough?
Of realizations- I will never be good enough.
Swirling darkness around my head,
Gut-wrenching pain inside me,
Delusions and questions consuming me,
But suddenly, I saw light.
Walking through the abyss of gloom,
I saw an opening
I saw an escape,
I saw another chance.
Although there was a chip in my armour
And there was apprehension in my mind,
There were way too many scars to hide,
And too many memories that didn’t subside,
Yet I took that escape
And I made that walk
And I opened my heart again
And I found love.
Love, like they describe in movies
Love, like they gush about in poetry,
Love, like they describe their lovers’ gaze with
Love, that I thought I could never win.
But here it was, the same love
That I yearned for but never got
Stealing my breath in all its glory
Promising to end all my misery.
I found it when I wasn’t searching,
But I found it when I needed it the most
Because his love not only made him love me
But somehow got me to also love myself deeply.

Published by Lukshita

Using my words to express the feelings of the world...

2 thoughts on “You, Unexpectedly

  1. Well said. Love truly can never be found on search. It comes your way when you need it the most. May you find love in whatever you do and that is the key to eternal happiness too. God bless.

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