Sun Over Your Crescent

So many feelings, bottled-up
Emotions and emotions, flooding my mind and heart, 
Every thought, every idea, every fleeting possibility,
Piercing my peace like a glass shard.

But I can not blame you, for who am I to you?
Nothing, nothing, but a passing phase,
Like a crescent moon in the night sky,
Momentary happiness, meant to fade away.

I know I can not blame you, and I know can not cry on my friends’ shoulders,
Who told me you were trouble the moment they saw you,
Who warned me that you saw me as just a crescent,
Who told me that for you, my departure was destined before my arrival.

But yet I shone for you like the moon shines for a star,
Beamed in your light while I accepted I was in the dark,
Craved you all the time, as I rose, stayed and sank,
But took to long to realize that even though I was shining, it wasn’t my light after all.

It wasn’t my beam,
It wasn’t my beauty,
It wasn’t my glow, but yours, 
No, I was too blinded by your shimmer to notice.

Too absorbed in you,
I lost myself somewhere,
Too in awe of you,
I forgot that I am not meant to be just a phase.

And now that you light-up another crescent, 
Now that your orbit changes to another sky,
How I wish, I was not merely your crescent,
How I wish, I could be your sun instead.

I wish we could have shone together and on our own,
I wish I was as dear to you as you were to me,
I wish you could’ve looked at me the way I did at you,
But I know I am better off alone shining as the sun, than being reduced to a reflector as your crescent with you.


Published by Lukshita

Using my words to express the feelings of the world...

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