The Power of Words

Sitting idle is a powerful state of being, it can be incredibly insightful, humbling, tormenting, or simply numbing. But one thing in common in every scenario that plays in this vegetative state that one experiences, is a vivid replay of the things one did, emotions one felt, and without fail, the words that were spoken, or worse, left unspoken.
The last of them all is the most impactful to any person. It’s so fascinating how impressionable random arrangements of the same handful of letters can leave on individuals and their minds. To ponder upon the things one said in agony, hysteria, elation, frustration, hate or love; or on the flip side, remained of covert nature in an encounter- is a magnificent realisation. And as the the string of these thoughts is added to with pearls of new ‘what ifs’, regrets, paraphrases, revisits and a plethora of others, a common idea is birthed in the form of the infant christened “power of words.”
This child is immature at first, unaware of the meaning of its name or what it signifies. Its actions correspond to this state of oblivion, and for years it fails to live up to its name. Then comes the stage when it becomes a toddler, slightly aware but a troublemaker and rule breaker regardless. And finally, it comes to age when the world does not seem so colourful, vivid and harmless as before. Rather, the unpleasant contours of hate, deception, and insincerity make themselves conspicuous. These contours are a jarring change and a revolting sight, but it doesn’t take long for them to adapt to these and understand the purpose of their existence in the world that they were born in. And right from this eureka moment, until the very end, this child never forgets its name. Its name, and its significance, it never forgets.

Published by Lukshita

Using my words to express the feelings of the world...

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