Easy, But is it Really?

As I grew up, it dawned upon me how easy it was.

It’s something that I could have never imagined,

Something that was beyond me and my mundane mind,

Beyond my heart that bled ignorance in the face of this complexity.

It is the truth, however,

A truth that snapped me out of my naïve reveries,

Crashing down the utopia that I had envisioned for myself,

That woke me up from my dreams that were oh so pleasant.

Perhaps that is why people warn you,

It is better to brace yourself for this jolt,

Seeming impossible at first to ever occur,

But catching you off-guard soon after.

It is hard to accept the flood,

The crashing waves disguised as human emotions,

The devastation and havoc they subject you to,

And the after-effects of it that affect you forever.

But this realization is not all bad after all,

What harm is it to know the ways of the world?

It is good, actually, to be washed away with the current,

And return to the shore as the conqueror of the seas.

As I grew up, it dawned upon me how easy it was.

How easy it was to trust the wrong people,

To break your walls and struggle to build them after,

To conceal streams of tears with an insincere smile.

But as I grew up, it also dawned upon me how easy it was.

How easy it was also to break trust,

To make mistakes, you don’t know how to mend,

To repent actions, you don’t know how to undo,

To be guilty of words, you don’t know how to take back.

So, what is hard after all, if both sides of the coin are not?

It is a question the answer to which is known by each person,

A piece of knowledge all humans are born with,

A truth that is universally known, but seldom acknowledged.

But as I grow up,

I learn to change this definition of easy,

Change the mockery of humanity that it entails,

Try to save a bruised conscience along with a billion others.

Published by Lukshita

Using my words to express the feelings of the world...

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