Light the matchstick
Let it burn as you hold it
Let the flame travel downwards
Just let it go a little longer.

Feel the fire burn your fingertips
And the heat melt your skin
Let the pain consume every part
As the fire devours you.

The yellow and orange
Turns you brown and grey
The majesty of the flame
Reduces you to ash and decay.

But as the fire picks its pace
As bones and muscles slowly disintegrate
The fire reaches your ego
Buried deep within.

You expect it to burn it slow
Taking its merry time
Killing and destroying you eventually
Leaving no trace behind.

But as soon as it reaches the ego
It’s like gasoline has been poured
The fire rages suddenly
Spreading like it never did before.

You feel your walls falling
The toxicity of your own self crumbling
Your superiority complex shattering
And your insensitivity vanishing.

As every inch of your ego is burnt
You come back to your senses
Your eyes see clearer
Realising it wasn’t you, but your ego which was highly flammable.

Now you rush to save yourself
Valuing the new you, by fire resurrected
And as you put out the fire
You think; to extinguish something, it needs to burn first.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Published by Lukshita

Using my words to express the feelings of the world...

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