Goodbyes are Not the End

You left, without a word of goodbye,

Maybe what I said wasn’t enough

If I said I don’t think about the farewell you bid often all I’d say was a lie,

Not knowing how you are makes life so rough.

You smiled when you were happy,

Cried when you were sad,

But now it’s time time to get up again and let your heart be merry,

And make from yourself for happiness a deserved demand.

Come back, don’t go without due goodbyes,

Don’t go like a sun that set before the night was,

Turn into strength all your cries,

Don’t let yourself be for love at a loss.

Keep your head up, continue the grind,

Let all your fears transform into your strength,

You are the only one who can help yourself in adversity, hope find,

And only you can do that by promising yourself to go till any length.


Hello readers! Posting after very long. Hope this poem helps all the people who are lost or lacking motivation get up again and find their path!

Published by Lukshita

Using my words to express the feelings of the world...

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