Rainy Days- The Best Days


Hello lovely readers! I am back after a break with some new content for you all! Hope you all have been well!

The whole month of August in India is the highlight of monsoon, as the whole month is categorized under this season which is in contrast to the latter days of July and early days of September. Being an August-born myself, that too on an occasion when the heavens threw open their floodgates to commemorate my arrival, rain and rainy days hold a special place in my heart. I always wanted to put these thoughts into words and could finally do it thanks to a speaking assignment at school. I hope you all enjoy this short piece about why, according to me, rainy days are the best days.


Tiny droplets hit the thirsty earth,
Putting diamonds to shame with the purity of their shine,
Each crack and crevice is penetrated to give birth,
To the little saplings and plants that preserve our lives’ line.

There is a different kind of beauty that the earth proudly shows off on a rainy day. The comforting dark spell that the clouds bring along is in stark contrast to the normal adjectives associated with the dark which are often unpleasant. However, there is a homely feeling to this dark that reminds us of the raw intimacy shared among different forces of nature. Like a mother, the skies shower their children on land with droplets of water, nourishing them to nourish us. Each drop of water is a piece of art in itself, right from its shape to the sound it makes when it touches the land. Nature doesn’t fail to please each and every sense of the human body- sight, hearing, touch, taste and even smell- with the universally adored petrichor accompanying a generous shower. And who can forget the delicacies that are a must whenever there is rain? From Maggi noodles to onion fritters, gulab jamuns to warm tea and coffee; one can relish them all. Apart from these factors that made me fall in love with rain, there also exists a spiritual connection that I share with it. On the day of my birth, it rained cats and dogs. Streets were flooded, cars stuck, people drenched and traffic static. It was a day when the rain took over from the Sun and I always love to imagine that this happened so that the rain Gods could give me a generous welcome! Thus, rain and I go way back. Therefore, in conclusion, I can say this without a second thought- rainy days are the best days.


Photo Credit- Bibhukalyan Acharya on Pexels.com

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2 thoughts on “Rainy Days- The Best Days

  1. Dearest Lukshita, your choice of words appeals all the senses. Thanks for this sensual treat. And you indeed are a manna from the heaven…May God bless you.

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