The One and Only, Our mother earth

June 7, 2021

The one who gave us the incredible birth,
we selfishly slewed and took away it’s life.
Are we precisely inhumane to be called humans?
As it is not merely wrong, but a sinful crime.
To mourn on the one, who gave us the momentous life.

The bluish sky,
we madly polluted, for our luxuries.
Are we vaguely uneducated to be called educated?
As it is not entirely wrong, but an immoral crime.
To choke the one, who gave us air to breathe.

The greenish shade,
we constantly slashed, for our cruelness.
Are we blindly insensitive to be called sensitive?
As it is not fairly wrong, but an erring crime.
To scratch the one, who gave us vegetation to eat.

The ravishing rivers,
we stupidly diluted, for our fun.
Are we infinitely careless to be called careful?
As it is not entirely wrong but an unholy crime.
To contaminate the one, who gave us water to drink.

The one and only, our mother earth,
we constantly vandalizing and left alone to heal.
Are we extremely unloving to be called beloved?

As it is not absolutely wrong, but a dreadful crime.
To kill the one, who gave us our mesmerizing existence.

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Tanupreet Kaur

Tanupreet Kaur was born and brought up in New Delhi, India. She graduated her bachelors in arts and is a published writer along with the certification in Creative Writing, German Language and Desktop Publishing.
As she didn’t grow up having role models, she grew up amidst places and people she wouldn’t describe as ideal but nonetheless she bloomed into her own person. She has been writing since 2016 to achieve the expression of her life and finding solace. She started this journey with writing quotes firstly, then poetry and finally short stories.


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