Contributors’ Week 2.0

June 5, 2021

On the occasion of World Environment Day, our website has taken the initiative of inviting creative bits from the talented writers from all around the world to raise their voices against exploitation of nature. These contributions have been compiled into the Contributor’s Week with the theme being ‘Nature’s Wreck.’

To kick start the week, the first contribution is by our Administrator, Lukshita Nayyar.

Nature’s Wreck

As soon as a child is born,

Her first lesson is how to love her mother,

The bond forged thus is very tough to be torn,

And it is even tougher to make a stronger bond another.

But the biological relationship of a child and her creator,

Is not the only one which must be propagated since birth,

Because it is this child herself who becomes her mother’s perpetrator,

Not her biological mother though, but the Terra she is born on for whom she has of love severe dearth.

The survival of the ultimate love of a mother and her child,

Is unimaginable without the existence of the Mother Earth,

And even though the thought of considering soil, leaves and oceans one’s mother seems very wild,

But reflection on her gifts of air, water and land make one realise her importance’s girth.

Yes she is the giver of all life,

A selfless provider with no ulterior motives,

But are her children as selfless as her with problems like existence of extreme internal strife?

The answer is a big NO as we have scarred her with of hate and harm’s explosives.

Yes it is us, her own children who have brought her down on her knees,

Exploited all that she had and more without offering of compassion any cheque,

Taken all the forests, animals and seas,

And we are the ones responsible for her dying state- for nature’s wreck, our mother’s wreck.


As a world citizen, I urge all readers to contribute their bit towards the environment by pledging to not overuse, waste or exploit the resources provided by Mother Nature. We are her children and it is our responsibility to care for her till we can.

Published by Lukshita

Using my words to express the feelings of the world...

3 thoughts on “Contributors’ Week 2.0

  1. Very well said. When will we wake up to realise that we owe all these natural resources to our future generations and we should not leave,them in plundered state. God bless…

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