Poem Published in Renowned Newsletter

We have all seen numerous situations, faced unbelievable challenges and overcome several hurdles during the course of the Corona Virus pandemic. The major part of this period were lockdowns, meant for us to stay at home and try to control the spread of this virus. However, these lockdowns have not been easy on any of us. Believe it or not, both introverts and extroverts have had their lows during these lockdowns. Apart from them, another section of people who have bore the brunt of isolation are our senior citizens and aged people. With limited contact and communication with younger members of their family, it has been tough on them as their support and sources of joy and happiness have been distanced from them for prolonged periods of time. This situation was similar in my maternal grandmother, my nani’s case. My nani is a beautiful person who loves her family and places it on the first spot of priorities of her life. She is also a patient of rheumatoid arthritis since 1998. Thus, for her, this lockdown meant that her children and grandchildren could not meet her periodically and the joy she felt on meeting them that distracted her from her pain was halted suddenly.

Keeping my nani in mind, I had composed a poem from her perspective based on her experiences of the lockdown as an RA patient. This poem had a special mention of Dr. Aman Sharma, my nani’s doctor and guardian angel, who has saved my nani’s life on numerous occasions. I was humbled when this poem of mine was selected to be published in the renowned Indian Rheumatology Association’s(IRA) newsletter. I would love to share the same with you all through my blog. To read the poem, please click on the link provided below.


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