Summarising the Most Shocking Revelations About the #OprahMeghanHarry Interview

Well, 2020 was so wild that 2021 can’t stand to be considered anything less than its predecessor. With the year already bearing witness to the Capitol violence, Trump’s social media accounts being banned, Elon Musk overtaking Jeff Bezos as the richest man of the world, and the most talked about occurrence- Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, it’s been a long ride. In this post, we are going to talk about one of the world’s most talked about couple and the revelations they made in their interview with Oprah Winfrey.

1. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially stepped back from their royal duties, given up their HRH status, public funds that come from royal duties and have decided to divide their time between North America and UK.

2. They have revealed in the interview that Meghan was in a very fragile spot mentally, to the extent that she starting having suicidal tendencies.

3. The couple claimed that an unnamed member of the royal family taunted baby Archie with racist comments about “how dark his skin will be” and how he won’t be given any royal status because of the same.

4. The couple also claimed that they had been financially abandoned and Prince Harry had to use the inheritance left by his mother to survive.

5. The couple also revealed that they are expecting a baby girl.

6. Prince Harry claimed that he could see “history being repeated” in the form of the events taking place with Meghan with reference to his mother Diana.

7. The couple also revealed that they had gotten married in a private ceremony three days prior to the public affair in a small backyard. They also said that the vows they took in the private ceremony were framed and hung in their home.

8. Meghan also revealed that Kate Middleton made her cry before the wedding, but they reconciled soon after understanding the immense pressure a royal wedding brings along.

Well, there you go folks. A summary of the major claims and revelations by Prince Harry and Meghan. This was also followed by statements and further controversies courtesy celebrities(Serena Williams, Meena Harris, Chrissy Teigen’s statements among others’ and the Piers Morgan scandal). What’s in store for the couple in the future is unknown and irrelevant. But, something that is clear is that clearly even the most loved, respected and rich can be so deeply shaken up by bitter experiences that their lives become vulnerable in superlative. Therefore, it is our duty as humans to retain our humanity and help anyone and everyone who is mentally or physically unfit. This can be done in whatever way the concerned person wants to be helped, either by staying silent and giving them privacy or by trying to calm them with consoling and motivating words. To conclude, controversies are trending for only a week or two, but the agenda of mental health, racism and humanity are their to stay. Thus, if these news can enlighten people about the permanent agendas of the world, then even a week or two are enough for the world to change.

Photo credit- CNN News

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