My life was so peaceful before…. the incident. Sitting undisturbed in my room, lying down whenever my body turned sore from work, washing myself twice a day and travelling to new places every day to explore sceneries and meet new characters. I lived a simple life. No different from all my friends, family, neighbors or the strangers I met on a daily basis. But somehow, the comfort I found in the monotony of my life was casted an evil eye upon, and suddenly, everything I found solace in was snatched away from me and I was pushed into a situation which broke me from inside.

That day, no different from any other day, I woke-up as usual and cleaned myself with soap and water. Soon, I could hear the hustle-bustle in my house and neighborhood as well, meaning our town had woken-up to face yet another day. As soon as I washed and cleaned myself, I went to the station and waited for a taxi there to take me to work. The station was empty, meaning that I was the only passenger at that point of time. Soon enough, I saw a vehicle approaching and stood up from the bench I was previously sitting on. The vehicle came closer and closer, and soon, I figured out that the approaching vehicle was, in fact, no taxi. It was rather, a rough-looking car, that had been covered with a thin, peach colored material. I sat back down, realizing I had to wait for my taxi. But on the way, I stopped in my tracks, with my mind frozen, eyes mitigated and legs shaking. The car had stopped right in front of me and two men came out of it, charging towards me rapidly. One of them was short and plump, while the other was relatively taller and lean. They were running towards me at such a fast pace that I did not get any time to react or understand by the time they reached me. The short man grabbed my legs, the tall man covered my mouth with a cloth and held my head, and suddenly, both of them were carrying me to the trunk of their car. I had been abducted.

With my mind racing and thoughts clashing, I made several failed attempts to shout, bang on the trunk door or open the lock on the trunk. But nothing was working. I tried to think back to my life, had I hurt someone? Cheated someone? Been evil to someone? Or did my family commit some crime for which I had to pay? What if I had been kidnapped by a serial killer? What if I am being carried away to my demise? Thousands of questions with either uncertain or disturbing answers filled my mind.

After what felt like an eternity, the car stopped. The trunk was opened by the same two men and I was again lifted up, being carried to some unfamiliar place. After about 3 minutes of walking, we reached a structure that looked like a well which was very deep and dark. As I approached the opening of the well and got a clear look at it, my jaw dropped. There was another, another one like me, stuck in the well. Its legs, abdomen and neck were completely submerged in the fluid that filled the well and its eyes were lifeless, as if they knew that this was the only sight they could see thereafter. I was panicking. One look at it made me know that I would face the same fate. I struggled, tried to escape from the kidnappers. Mad men! Throwing us into the well of death! And why? Because they were psychopaths?!

Before I could try to make my escape or form any plan in my mind, I was thrown into the well, plummeting into a place that I was certain would kill me. After what felt like hours of falling, my feet touched a thick, sticky liquid. I could feel my legs touching other things in the well, that felt the same way, except that they were in solid form. I kept slipping within the fluid, waiting to reach the bed and drown, so that I could end the disgusting feeling and rest in peace. Pictures of my life, family, favorite places and friends flashed before my eyes as I waited for the soul to be sucked out of my body and life to be sucked out from my eyes.

But suddenly, the sinking stopped. Yes, I was still in the fluid, yes, I could still feel those solid things around me and yes, I still felt like I was drowning. But there was no bottom of the well! I was drowning in what felt like a black abyss, unable to live, unable to die.

Since that day, several men have passed the well, saw me and my friend stuck, but never helped us out. Even I have started to feel that my eyes are turning lifeless, with no hope of seeing the sun rise again, neighborhood coming to life again, feeling the water fall down my body again or see actual beautiful and new places ever again. No, this hope vanished as soon as I realized that I am yet another unfortunate spoon stuck in the pickle jar, with no one willing to take me out and put me in the dishwasher but rather keep me stuck in the abyss of the pickle juice.

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