Do Exam Results Alone Determine a Child’s Mental Worth?

This is a very seminal question which begs for a definite answer. These days, those children who excel in exams are eulogized instantly and are catapulted to a cult status overnight. Overzealous media projects their lives as ideal worth emulation by all. On the other hand, those who could not perform well at the exams due to one reason or the other are subjected to rejection and ridicule. They are instantly presumed as having no worth at all. To say the least, this is so unfair and unjust.

In my view, exam results are not a fool proof means of measuring a child’s worth. They are just indicators of his/her performance in an exam based on certain marking criteria. Good grades in an exam can be obtained by selective study also. The classroom is at times too small a place to judge a student’s worth.

Several extraneous factors such as college support, class, medical issues, friends, upbringing and family circumstances also impact a child’s performance in an exam. Some may be good at arts but poor in maths. It just means their mind works differently. This is also amply proved by the examples of great geniuses who performed so poorly in exams. They were great minds whose inventions and discoveries changed the course of human history. Some of these geniuses were Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison and many more.

Hence, I genuinely believe that a child’s worth can’t be determined on the basis his exam results alone.


Author- Manya Mudgil

About the Author

My name is Manya Mudgil. I am a student of 9th grade of Carmel Convent School, Chandigarh. I have an immense interest in article and letter writing, reading books and public speaking. It is my great fortune that I have got the opportunity to present my ideas through Teen Tidings.


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