The Redemption

28 January, 2021

Zealous, they all gathered aboard,
Onto the creaky little sailboat,
The sea, blessings on them bestowed;
Creatures beneath sung with a husky throat;
In return, all the crewmen bellowed,
What better joy than to raucously gloat?

The destination was rumoured diabolical,
Unfathomable treasures it had guarded long;
Beyond grasp, powers they called mystical.
Alas! Only with the worthy does it belong,
Each man, more than the other, was cynical-
Sheer act everyone had put up, to get along.

Aware of the crew’s malicious intention,
The sea, rose and furiously trembled,
Then, merwomen from under appeared;
At once, had all forget their discretion;
Smiled, at their prey, leaving it well enticed,
And dragged it underwater, to eternal redemption.


Author- Navya Madan

About the Author

I am Navya Madan, a class 12th student, and also a very passionate writer. I have my own poetry blog and have self-written all of my poems. I’ve always been charmed and inspired by the 18th and 19th century poets, especially Emily Dickinson, and their writings. Like them, I wish to create my own niche in the writing industry by producing novel and unexplored material.


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