It’s the Only Way to Live

21 January, 2021



Because the only way you live is by

slow dancing under a disco ball

The only way you live is by swimming in the swamp

The only way you live is by strolling in a marathon

It’s the only way you know how to live

Tuck your hair

Behind your ears

And scrub the blood off your eyes

Till you see nothing at all

Because the only way you love is scary

The only love you’ve known is scary.

The crying, the screaming, the laughing

The giving too less to yourself

Because all of you belongs to him

The Insanity

The insanity of love that you’ve drunken

Every night tucking your Barbie dolls to sleep

The home

The dream

After all

Life is a stimulation

And you’re a drunkard in the middle of the car traffic

You’re searching for the dream within the dream

Perhaps it’s the only way to live.

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Author- Moesha Jain

About the Author

Hi I’m Moesha Jain. I’m a student in grade 8 at Carmel Convent School. You’ll usually find me watching films you’ve never heard of. I enjoy reading when I’m bored and writing poetry when I’m the opposite. It helps me vent.

Moreover, I’m like any other teenager but a dash more whimsical.


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