Life of a Leaf

19 January, 2021

Lightly dancing on the edges of branches as stealthily as a thief,

and enjoys its life to the fullest as if it knows its life is brief.

A leaf’s life is short indeed,

attached to the branches to live more as in greed.

But spreads happiness all around,

with its colours and fragrance until it touches the ground.

Even after it falls down, children make its note,

out of fascination make its whistle, furrow and boat.

Then as new as a day,

now as old as a hill.

Came from heaven for a good cause to do,

went to heaven after doing good too.

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Author- Niharika Singh

About the Author

I am Niharika Singh from class 12, Carmel Convent School. I’ve been a nature lover since childhood and I like to know more about my environmental surroundings and feel like writing and reading about it too. It’s my very first attempt to write something after coming out of my comfort zone so I hope you’ll like my work.


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