Lost Humanity

18 January, 2021

Lost Humanity

Humanity, you are the intricate

compassion of life

But opposite to your nature, you are

hiding behind the mist

Saying everything will be just fine.

Lives lost due to your loss are infinite

But we still hope for a future bright.

All people have lost hope

And I don’t know how we will ever be

able to cope.

Our world has become so crooked

That love and honesty have been


People are full of anger

Because life has lost its canter.

But any longer I will not groan

Because I know you will return with a

new dawn.

Bringing back the cheerfulness that we

once had but lost

For which, our morals were the cost.

And you shall be present then

Filling us up with joy, for you would have

come out of your dark den.


Author- Arushi Jain

About the Author

Hi. I am Arushi Jain. I am 17 years old. Currently, I am pursuing BSc Bioinformatics Hons from GGDSD College, Chandigarh. I love technology. I am a huge fan. Along with that, I like to write, be it in the form of blogs, essays, stories or others. I also love reading books and my favourite genre in the same is sci-fi. I write to let my thoughts out and to unburden myself. I hope you like one of my self-composed poems, Lost Humanity.


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