My Wandering Bottle

By- Pahul Singh

Today my bottle went on an unexpected excursion, 

A great adventure across the vast classroom floor. 

But I was detained by the fact that my art file was getting checked,

And when the four minutes of continuous nail-biting ended, I first looked out the door –

Because you never know where that bottle will go.

Careless, it is, and has dents and bumps all over, 

And is always filled with joie de vivre due to its overconfidence,

So I had no doubt, while I was looking for it, that it had rolled off somewhere else for cover.

It took a good ten minutes.

I found it under a class mate’s bench, 

Retrieved it and pushed her over in the process, 

And hopefully it won’t wander off again, else I’ll have to keep it in my bag’s hateful pocket – a fishnet trench.

And I was responsible for the expedition – which I hate to admit,

For I am so clumsy that I kicked it 

Due to the nervousness of showing my horrible work,

But I shan’t apologise to the dented heap of metal,

And instead, from now on, bring for it a wild animal control kit.


Author- Pahul Singh

About the Author:

I am Pahul Singh, studying in class 9 at Carmel Convent School, Chandigarh. In my free time, I like to read thriller and mystery novels, surf the net, and sometimes try my hand at writing humorous poems, one of which is ‘My Wandering Bottle’. One of my greatest joys is to listen to pop and alternative rock. I’m also a passionate gourmand.


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