Fight For What is Right

Our world is a beautiful place which houses social, cultural, physical and emotional diversity. This diversity is so vast that it includes drastic variations even in the basic virtuous make-up of individuals all over the world. The plethora of these humane emotions like love, honesty, care for others, humility, etc. are the ideal foundation of a world where humans are imagined as artists and these virtues as their paints and brushes to paint a society which is built by the sharing of these values. This ideal society is the magnum opus of the life of these artists as there is no greater artwork than one painted with unity and togetherness to bring about the humane side of humans. Unfortunately, rather than this fact turning out to be the equivalent of a magnum opus for humanity by the sharing of humanitarian values, it is rather unfolding as the source of a vile and inhumane mob mentality which is slowly eating-up the humane side of humans. This practice mirrors one of the most famously narrated quote throughout the world- one rotten apple spoils the entire healthy basket. Similarly, the societal pressure is so great that no matter how right a person is, one gradually succumbs to these demons walking on earth and even if their quantity is less, they spoil all the good humans by acting as that one rotten apple.

However, when we talk about the darkness of the disappointing reality, we must not ignore the ray of reassurance, however feeble, that comes with it. This means that even though there are rotten apples that concentrate on spoiling entire baskets, there are courageous, attentive, aware and fundamentally right humans who take that one important step and cast away the rotten apples from the baskets and save dozens of healthy others. These type of people are inspiration to other people as well and eventually people like these unite to eliminate rotten apples from the baskets personifying our civilisations.

With this theme in mind, here is a poem that I have composed as a salute to the vibranium-like strength that these messiahs of humanity possess in the hope that many other people will be motivated to see themselves in the same position and make our society a positive place for all dwellers.

Fight For What is Right

I wake-up everyday and make a promise,

A promise I promise to obey,

And not one day passed when I broke this,

Because this promise I make to myself with courage.

I say it out loud regularly,

Never letting it make a feeble sound within,

And it is never suppressed even if it is expressed defiantly,

Even if the world calls it a sin.

Yes, yes I call myself brave,

A soldier, a warrior and a fighter,

And it is myself whom I save,

From this brutal slaughter.

I fight, fight against these demons of hell,

Guised as humans hate they spread,

And urge you to drink from the same poisoned well,

Force you to earn a dishonest bread.

But I no longer fear,

I protect myself from these murderers of humanity,

And it no more haunts me that I am someone they may tear,

Because I have sustained my sanity.

I said not long back,

I had made myself a promise because of this horrendous plight,

And this reality made me crack,

And forced me to promise myself to FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT.

I hope this poem made you think about the toxic variables around you or within you and motivated you to make a promise to yourself as well to be fearless and fight for what is right.

Do share your experiences, resolutions or feedback regarding this topic in the comments section below!

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5 thoughts on “Fight For What is Right

  1. What is the definition of what is right. Is it universally true or depends upon place and time. If universally true then what is the criterion to call something is right. Another question is are all right things worth a fight.

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  2. The human diversity should be the source of variety, novelty, freshness and creativity. Really appreciate the thought of the budding poetess. How nice would it be if the negativity is wiped away from the world….

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