Announcement Regarding Book

The borders may be sealed, doors and windows shut; but unlocked are our nostalgic hearts, beating together and remembering our brothers and citizens afar.”

The year 2020 was meant to be a fresh milestone which would bring happiness, prosperity and new opportunities for all and start the new decade on a positive note. However, it goes without saying that this year was the harbinger of quite the opposite picture of whatever hopes and expectations we all had during 2019.

We have witnessed so much during this year, Kobe Bryant and his daughter’s tragic accident, George Floyd’s controversial death which led to the aggressive promotion of Black Lives Matter movement, the death of Bollywood superstar Sushant Singh Rajput and exposure of the infamous drug scandal in the industry, Beirut explosion, Australia bushfire, locust attacks and most infamously- the Coronavirus Pandemic, surrounded by dark clouds of death, illness, falling economies, increasing unemployment and a diamond’s worth of conspiracy theories.

Though no action of ours can mend the gigantic landslide of trauma 2020 has thrown on us, finding clarity in entropy is definitely possible. This year, the only piece of advice which seems to be working for a fair few is definitely ‘count your blessing’, no matter how corny it sounds.

Thus, to bind the world citizens with a string of relatable incidents, self-discoveries, moping teenagers and cancelled vacations, Teen Tidings has taken its first-ever mega initiative of publishing a book with accounts of youth from all around the world, Globe Trotting in Confinement.

May we kick out 2020 with the immense strength that empathy provides us with and may all of us be motivated and encouraged to stay strong and sail through these turbulent waters unscathed.


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