If Only Forever Wasn’t That Long

Captured by~Lukshita Nayyar

We are young and foolish, unaware about what the future holds. We try to walk in the ocean, expecting to stay afloat. We block the mouth of the flute, expecting to hear a melodious tune. We make promises of forever, oblivious of the duration of eternity. This poem is a harsh reality of today’s youth, who is naive towards the truth of time. Promises grow old, people become distant and relationships become too long to to keep, and that is when one says to oneself, “only if forever wasn’t that long.”

If Only Forever Wasn’t That Long

We sang merrily this forever song,
Never realizing that forever was so long,
And now that we're in this web of eternity,
We condemn the foolish lovers' fraternity.

The feelings that we had are now stale,
And the rings hence traded eventually did fail,
And then all the moments shared as adventures of the affair,
Became arguments of the marriage and brought despair.

The little things I adored in you before,
Are eclipsed with your darkness that floated ashore,
And when I saw hope that I could get you back,
You crushed it too, changed the white light to a hopeless black.

I wish we had thought about it for longer,
Or maybe taken this decision when we were older,
So maybe things could have been better,
You would be caroling with your soulmate and I knitting for my sweetheart a sweater.

But we were young and foolish and bold,
And our oblivious adrenaline did not feel the numbing cold,
As we plunged into this bond of nothing,
Not knowing that it would cost us everything.

And now as I sit alone looking at the moist window,
Staring after you as you leave the soaked meadow,
I wish when we merrily sang that forever song,
We'd know that we hoped forever wasn't that long...

Through this poem, I would just like to put across the seriousness of promising someone the companionship of your whole life. Naming your life to somebody is a big decision which you should take wisely so that you look upon your life fondly, not sadly.

Published by Lukshita

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3 thoughts on “If Only Forever Wasn’t That Long

  1. Getting into the relationship of marriage is a big leap of life. But when things go wrong life has only place for ifs and buts….well expressed.

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