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Stories form a large part of our factual information, creative abilities or simply our night-time routine. This poem is a light-hearted tribute to all story writers, story tellers and listeners who make these stories valuable.


Over the land and over the sea,

I know what I hear is true.

Perhaps these tales have travelled far and wide,

Before reaching my bedside.

From kings to paupers and bastards to loyals,

We have travelled far and wide through narration.

And all these experiences are not confined,

People know about these in their mind.

These fables we hear might just contain our stories years later,

For it is us who spread this through words, songs or theater.

Horror or thriller, romance or comedy,

These stories affect us greatly.

And though they differ from man-to-man,

Yet creativity is in the plan.

Passed have those dusks of boredom,

For dawns of stories have now awakened.

So, fear not people of 1 or 92,

Because it’s stories which have come to your rescue.

*contribute to tales, contribute to imagination*

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Published by Lukshita

Using my words to express the feelings of the world...

8 thoughts on “Stories

  1. Dear Lukshita, today you have surprised me…can’t believe it is the same poetess who penned the serious and challenging poems like “The Flame” and “Death brings Life”. This is such a light hearted happy go lucky poem like your own personality. Neve realized so much goes on behind the calm and placid smiling face….That’s is after all the beauty of talented writer. Keep writing. God bless.

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  2. How time flies !
    From a little cherubic girl to a mature poetess, It has been a pleasure to see your journey.
    Continue with your passion and All the best for your future endeavours 👍

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  3. You are truly a gifted writer. I am so happy that you have finally allowed insights into your diary compositions and it is indeed a pleasure to read your works. All the best.

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  4. It is so refreshing. It transported me to the world of childhood stories. Thanks Lukshita for taking all the readers to the charming words of stories

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