The Flame

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This world has always been ruthless and biased against women. But women have never given up. They have risen up every time they have fallen, crawled every time they have been broken and shouted through the crevices every time they have been trapped. This poem is not an appeal for sympathy, it is a warning. Women have realised their true potential, and they are not backing down now.

The Flame

From the moment she is born,

Between family and work she is torn.

But often she isn’t even allowed to live,

The world never a chance does give.

Instead of pride she is called doom,

Instead of books they give her a groom.

Instead of cars she is given dolls,

Forget walkers, she is left to crawl.

But crying isn’t her game,

Her anger, she knows how to tame.

And if you talk to her, she wouldn’t blame,

But in her eyes, you see the flame.

The flame that she doesn’t fear,

Even if you give her any dare,

She has courage as her pair,

She keeps all like her, in a prayer.

She likes blue instead of pink,

Why she is a rebel? Try and think.

Her heart still shouts loudly,

That she exists to live proudly.

She knows no one can pull her down,

She wears bravery’s crown.

The soul of hers, clean and pure,

Can’t kneel before anyone, she is sure.

Making up to work and home,

She owns of determination a dome.

And then she looks up at the skies,

Even if she can’t change everyone’s minds.

And you know she would never blame,

But you will always see her flame.

Shoutout to all the imperfectly perfect women out there! Neither is there anyone like you, nor is there another person who is as strong and as capable as you are. Love yourself and embrace the flame within you. And to conclude, love yourself and all women around you!

*Love and spread love*

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